Thursday, 18 September 2014

PICTORIAL | 'Cut-crease'

Good morning beauties....
So due to popular demand, i did a ‘cut-crease’ pictorial. The last ‘cut-crease’ i did was christened 'Moonlight' ‘cos of the silver color i used, however for the one i did in this pictorial, i added a twist…..i flicked the wings out and changed the color of the eyeshadow.

Some ladies really loved 'Moonlight' and so they demanded for a pictorial *they are also demanding an eyebrow pictorial too….loool!*. But i have to ask, are you ladies planning to wear the ‘cut-crease’ look out in the day time? How brave!! *i never chop liver reash like that*. For me, it’s rather intense to wear out in the public of igwe mmadu (in public) where everybody can see.

This post should have been up yesterday, but i really don’t understand what was up with my wifi connection. This morning, it got better, so here goes…..
‘Cut-crease’ looks are aptly named ‘cos it requires cutting the crease with a pencil……creating a sharp cut. So i started off by filling and sculpting  my eyebrows.

After that, i prepared my eyelids for the eyeshadow using my NYX eyeshadow base in skin-tone.

Next, i used my Zaron ‘Black velvet’ pencil to cut my crease like so…..

After that, i used a flat eyeshadow brush to blend the line upwards towards my brow bone just so it fades out like so, then i used my crease brush to apply black eyeshadow over the blended out pencil…..setting it.

Next, i used my Sigma fluffy brush to pack on the blue eyeshadow on my lids. I used a flat brush to apply the eyeshadow close to the black line, this helped define and sharpen it more.

Then i applied my M.A.C ‘Black track’ gel liner on my upper lash-line and winged it out to be equal with the cut-crease flick. I also applied my Zaron ‘Black velvet’ pencil in my waterlines……it helped brighten up my eyes….this is one product i can't do without!

Finally, i fixed my false lashes and applied mascara on my lower lashes.

I haff finished!

Please try it out and send me pictures as usual… pleases my heart when y’all learn from my pictorials. You might not get it perfectly at first, but practice remains the key. This is my second time of doing a 'cut crease' sef, so i'm also practicing......Persistent practice would make you perfect!

Have a wonderful day……

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  1. Yayyyyyyyyy, i go chop liver wear this look out:)

  2. very nicely done. I like your brows!

  3. I like this look, my favourite eye shadow colours are blue shades and green shades.

  4. Replies
    1. Great! Thank God u are on my bbm, I will stalk you!

  5. I lovve it! I think i can wear a cut-crease out, with milder hues though.

  6. I hav to try dis look,but I still prefer d 1st cut crease u did

  7. I like the twist to the cut crease, the way you "flicked" out your eyeliner..I also noticed the nude lips, pairs nicely with the bold eyes..Nice one!!


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