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PICTORIAL | How i do my eyebrows

***Lengthy post alert!!!***
B.E.Autiful people,
Hope you all are doing good.
Following the ‘cut-crease’ pictorial, here comes the eyebrow tutorial.
Now, before we begin, i would like to make some things clear……
Firstly, this is how i love to do MY OWN brows……Some like ‘em dark, some like ‘em long, some like ‘em bold and overly sculpted…..but me, i like ‘em light and natural – looking *you get?*.

I dunno, but i just feel that if i make my brows darker and overly and sharply sculpted, i would end up looking like a real-life doll *my own opinion though*. I mean, i see those beautifully dark, sharp and precisely perfect brows that look like they were measured with a ruler and a compass, and i admire them from a distance but i just don’t like doing mine that way……every mallam with his kettle *shrugs*.
  Secondly, This is how i do my brows, but it doesn’t mean that this is how brows should definately look like, it doesn’t mean that this is how brows MUST always be done… isn’t set in stone that this is how you MUST do yours. You can find your own signature and flow with it. For instance, i draw an outline of my brows and then fill them in, while some other people just fill theirs without drawing an outline. *Thou shall see what i mean by outline in a bit*
Anyways, i’ve done an eyebrow pictorial in the past, but as we all know, persistent practice brings improvement, so i know that i have improved on the way i used to do my brows. This pictorial is how i do them presently.

Ngwa, lets go there!
Now, before drawing your brows, please note the following….
·      Locate points A, B and C on your brows. Point ‘A’ is the beginning of your brows, point ‘B’ is your ‘arch’, and point ‘C’ is the tail of your brows *Check the 2nd picture below*.
·      Please ensure that your brow pencil is sharp.
·      When drawing your outlines and filling them in, please use light strokes…..LIGHT STROKES! Don’t press the pencil on your skin….if you do, you will end up having dark, smudgy, untidy-looking brows.

My foundation, comcealer, angled brush, spoolie, Q-tip (cotton bud) and finally, my N100 MAC brown eye pencil

So i had already groomed my brows by tweezing off stray hairs *OUCH! I know*. Next, i sharpened my pencil …… remember, the sharper the better. Don’t work with a blunt pencil unless you want smudged-looking brows.

Then, i drew the lower outline first (i usually draw the lower one first ‘cos it determines how the upper one will turn out).

Next, i drew the upper outline

 After that, i filled in each brow outline starting from the tail *remember….light strokes!*. NOTE : I don’t fill them up to the very beginning (point ‘A’), i stop just before you get to the beginning. If i fill them up to point ‘A’, i would end up with ‘scouse brows’ *at this point, you might wanna befriend google and ask him to show you what scouse brows looks like*. But if you happen to make the mistake of filling to the beginning, you can dampen a Q-tip (cotton-bud) and use it to clean out the beginning.
If you have full brows (lots of hair), just fill in the sparse areas where you don’t see much hair. The reason is that if you completely fill in an already hairy brow, it would look too dark… sparse areas it is!

 After filling in both brows, i used a spoolie (small mascara wand) to blend out the brows and get rid of any harsh lines. Keep in-between your outlines.

 Next, i mixed up my concealer Marykay bronze 1, and in the absence of bronze 2, i used a ‘lil bit of Marykay foundation in bronze 607. This mixture is what i use to sculpt my brows. When sculpting my brows, i always make sure that my mixture is lighter than my skintone. The logic behind this is that if the concealer mixture is lighter, it brings out and sharpens the brows.

My mixture

The angled brush

Using my angled brush, i first drew a line of concealer on the lower outline like so

 Then i blended it out like so. While blending, i usually make sure not to blend out my brow pencil too, ‘cos if i mistakenly do that, the brows won't look sharp anymore. Also, i use my index finger to blend the concealer on my brow-bone well into my skin.

 Next, i drew concealer on my upper outline like so

 Then i blended it out like so

 Finally, i used foundation to blend out the concealer lines above my brows completely


Now, i must say this, brows ain’t easy to draw…..well, unless you are an artistic person (it comes easy to such people….i am), then it will be kinda easy. Like everything else, brows need to be practiced constantly. You might not get it at first, but you need to do it persistently to get perfect at it. If you check the brows in my early makeup pictures, you would see that i got better…..still getting better though.

So that’s it dears……how i do my eyebrows.
Did you learn something new? I hope you did!

Besos and good night!

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  1. Welldone babe, this is very precise. I love it...

  2. nice and detailed likey

  3. I learnt something new,
    You did a post on brows specially for me one time *feeling fly* lol. I like how u brought the point A B and C, I would definitely get better and look for a way to show u pictures, but... I don't use concealer o, I never tear eye reach like that. Thanks

  4. uh lala, thanks for sharing this :)
    It's easy to learn with this pics, now the only issue i have is knowing where point B should be, is it just above the pupils or beside it???

  5. Auntie blushes,nice 1 darlin, tnx

  6. Yay... thanks I've been practicing. Think I'm getting closer. ... Need to learn how to use tweezers thou...I use razor and it's annoying cos the brow line isn't always sharp...

  7. Thanks dear. Now I know how it's being done

  8. I do this too. Mixing foundation and concealer. Thought I was the only one. Lol. Nice tutorial. Welldone

  9. Well detailed eyebrow tutorial....

  10. Thank you for this! I learnt a lot and you made it so easy.

  11. Thank you for this! I learnt a lot and you made it so easy.

  12. i love the brows soo much

  13. Is it a must to use concealer 4 brows? Cos I dnt tink I'll hv enough tym in d mornin 2 use concealer wen doin my make up 4 work.

    1. No it's not a must, but if do it, it would make a great deal of difference. It's not so hard to do once u get the hang of it, and it won't take so much time.

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  15. Thanks Chinazor. I most definitely learnt something new. Rushing home to take a good shot at doing just like you said.

  16. Cant believe n100 naira eyepenciil did this! Up u dear! Ur a pro!


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