Thursday, 4 September 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | TARA lipsticks in 'Ms D' & 'Aswaani'

Beaurrrriful ladies!
Wetin dey?
Today, i’m going to review two of TARA’s lipsticks in ‘Ms D’ and ‘Aswaani’. Prior to these tubes, i had never owned a TARA lipstick. However, i read Dinma’s review of some lipsticks she received at the opening of one of their studios, and i instantly fell in love with the ‘Aswaani’ lipstick *Don’t you just love the local names they give their products? Aswaani, Jankara, Tejuosho, Onitsha, Nsa, etc *.
After reading that review and beholding the gorgeousness of ‘Aswaani’ on Dinma’s lips, i knew i had to have it, and so the hunt began.

I asked around in Festac but i couldn’t find it, and i knew that there was no freaking way i was going to drive all the way to Surulere shopping mall *they have a studio there*  just to get the lipstick…..hello? Have you experienced Mile 2 traffic in all its wickedness? Mba….no freaking way! So i decided to put my hunt on hold for a while until i had other stuff to do around Surulere #DeepSigh.
So imagine my joy when i was driving towards Apple-junction one day, and from the corner of my eye i sighted the TARA logo! I actually let out a loud “Whoop!” in the car *Oh Lord, the things i do for makeup*….. House of Tara had finally come to Festac!

Slim, sleek

 ‘Ms D’ was in the goody bag i received at the Color burst champagne brunch but i still had ‘Aswaani’ in mind, so one day, i drove down to their Festac studio and got it *Finally! Phew!*

Ms D


Now, on to the review………
The lipsticks come in a sleek, slim black tube. Infact, the slim packaging is one of my favorite things about this lipstick…..i love the fact that it can fit easily into my makeup purse, i also love the fact that i can apply it easily on my lips without it rubbing where it shouldn’t. The packaging is waaay better than their former lipstick packaging……It’s just perfect!
They have the normal smell most lipsticks have, and they last a considerable amount of time on the lips.

Aswaani....gorgeous berry/plum colour

Ms D

The ‘Ms D’ is a lovely red shade , while ‘Aswaani’ is a gorgeous berry/plum color. I used ‘Ms D’ to create ‘Office looks #01’, and ‘Aswaani’ for ‘Office looks #04’ *yet to be posted*. They both apply smoothly, and even though it says on the packs that they are matte lip colours, they both have a slight sheen to them.
Next, i’m getting the shade in ‘Tejuosho’ because it’s dark and i’m beginning to like ‘em dark.

Any House of Tara store/studio

Besos amigos!
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  1. I just came across ur blog and I'm so inlove. Maybe u can help out with what products are best to use and affordable cos I have never applied make up that fits me.

    1. Oh my! *fans self* Thanks for coming by.
      I think i'll start up a 'Beauty on a budget' series.
      Please keep visiting.

  2. So you too like the native names Concept , I really like that about them o, there should be a "Sisi Eko" shade and " Omoge lekki" shade, lol. I like the ms D better. Count down to your baiday *dancing* me and my joko will soon lay camp oo. Hahaha

    1. I love those names!
      Yelz, Yelz it's tomorrow!



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