Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The makeup fair is coming to Enugu!!!

I have great news for Enugu peeps! *does a ‘lil dance*
Many-a-times, my readers in Enugu have asked me why it is that Lagos babes have all the makeup fun. They wonder why there has never been any huge makeup event in Enugu……well, wonder no more ‘cos POPS concepts has opened your book of remembrance *winks* ….. The makeup fair is coming to Enugu!!! Make some nooooooise!

On the 20th of September 2014 (two weeks and 4 days from now), all the makeup and beauty lovers in Enugu shall gather in one place, and there will be lots of fun! Trust me….it’s always fun.
So far, i’ve attended 3 fairs organized by POPs concepts, and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. There will be loads of makeup on display, so start saving up. If there’s a particular product you’ve been hunting down, you just might find it there and if you are a makeup lover like me, you would feel like a kid in a candy store!
For participation and enquiries, please view the event flyer above.
DATE : 20th September 2014
VENUE : Toscana Hotel, 1 Aguleri street, Independence Layout Enugu
TIME : 10am – 7pm
Attendance is FREE
In other news, Happy birthday to Omolola of POPS concepts! I pray for God’s tremendous blessings in your life, i pray that He propels you to greater heights and grant you divine favour. Many more beautiful years.
Finally, Hawau (the winner of my last giveaway) came by the studio today to pick up her ‘Genevieve’ high shine lipstain. We spent close to 3 hours together talking about all sorts of things *lool*.

Showing off her new lipstain

It was really nice to meet her in person, and she couldn’t stop hugging me. Made me really shy *covers face*. I look towards meeting many more of my readers ooo! Remember that there’s another giveaway coming soon……. so watch this space!
Please be safe and sanitize your hands always……

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