Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Hey ladies!
Good morning.
I‘m so sorry that this post wasn’t up yesterday…….lemme just say yesterday was one of ‘those’ days. No giggles, no sunshine, no nothing *shrugs shoulders*. I guess it was just an accumulation of sad thoughts that caused it. Was there a straw that broke the camel’s back? Nope, not really……i just woke up like that *shrugs again*  imagine that! Anyway, today is faaar better than yesterday *thank God*.
Sooooooooo we have our winners!

Who might they be? Let’s see….

The 1st commenter was Cheechee Abang
The 8th commenter was Beauty Geek
The 15th commenter was Owoyemi Oluwaseun (with the email address

So CheeChee gets the goody bag with the makeup products, Beauty geek gets the 1-day training, and Owoyemi Oluwaseun gets the free makeover *wooooohoooo!*

Thanks sooooo much for all the birthday wishes yesterday.....i was over-whelmed! The show of love was just amazing! The goodwill messages were endless! I thank you all, and may the good Lord bless you.

Many thanks also to everyone that participated in this giveaway….i truly appreciate all of you, and i wish there was a way to reward you all one by one *Deep sigh*. Anyways, there will always be giveaways here and i’m certain that everyone of you must get something one way or another.
PS. Nuvi Honey, please send me an email on
Let’s do this again sometime…..
Besos beauties!

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  1. Congratulations to the winners.
    Sending you a mail ASAP.

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