Friday, 26 September 2014

Zainab graduates! | Her training in pictures

Hullo ladies….
Zainab finally finished her professional makeup training at the makeup school. It was really nice teaching her and working on her beautiful sisters. Eventually, Aisha went back to school in the UK, so she stopped coming with Zainab and then Sefiya replaced her as a face model.
 Zainab got a hang of drawing, filling and sculpting brows very easily after i devised an easier way to teach her to sculpt them. Her finished work sometimes made me sooo proud……She’ll do very well as a makeup artist.
However, Zainab didn’t finish up her training (she had 2 classes left) because she had to leave for the UK too.
So here are the pictures from the training......

When blog reader Halima came for her giveaway training classes 

Taking pics of her work

Working on her aunt

Beautiful smile!

Goofing around!

 I have to keep saying this……practice remains the key! If you complete your training without practicing constantly, you would remain mediocre. I have come to discover that when you practice frequently, you get to learn new things and find out better ways of applying your makeup.
Congratulations Zainab, it was really nice having you. And i wish you success in your endeavours as a makeup artist.
Aha! The ‘Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference’ is almost here ooooooo! And i hope to see a lot of you there. Some people complained that when they tried to register, the form asked for ‘Company name’ whereas they are just students. I actually don’t know what’s up with that……infact, i’ll get back to you on that one.
Besos beauties!

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  1. This is ssoo lovely. Please please when next is your giiveaway, I'm so awful @ drawing brows and can't wait tp learn from you. Thanks BnD

  2. Awwww she will do well as a MUA. You're a fab teacher

  3. Nice work.


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