Wednesday, 8 October 2014

20 Random facts about me......

So i was tagged by Dobby to participate in the ’20 Facts about me’ challenge. I love playing games like this …….
Oya brace yaselves.

1.   I don’t take God lightly……..i don’t joke with HIM at all!

2.   I hate hot food. Makes the food seem tasteless to me, plus it always burns my tongue.

3.   My eyes don’t close completely while i'm asleep…..little wonder…they’re huge!

4.   I don’t like fresh food…..infact, the older the better! I love old ogbono soup, it has a distinct flavor! I love the taste of left-over, warmed spaghetti. Cat fish peppersoup tastes better to me the next day too.

5. I hate cockroaches and lizards with a passion. If i find a roach in my room, i can't sleep till it's found and killed.            

6.   I'm short-sighted, but the last time i wore glasses was years ago *i need to get a pair soon sha*, that’s why i don’t drive at night. And ‘cos i can't see things and people that are some distance away, it’s sometimes mistaken for snubbishness too *shrugs shoulders* . They don’t know all i see are blurry faces ….. loool!

7.   I lose my appetite when there are too many pieces of meat in my food…..even the sight of 2 pieces of meat in my food makes me less hungry.

8.   I luuuuuurv the smell of kerosene….i can soak a hanky and sniff it all day long. The smell of Raid insecticide has same effect on me. I love the smell of wet earth too, but not as much as i love kerosene *i’m weird like that*

9.   Music makes me so so so happy, always cheers me up on gloomy days. I love country music and highlife too!

10.                   I’m somewhat a perfectionist….i like my things done in a certain way *nope, it’s not OCD*

11.                   Circles, lines or holes in clusters irritates the shit out of me and gives me goosebumps…..even the mere thought of it has sent shivers down my spine. #NyamaNyamaTinz

12.                   A part of my ear lobe looks like it was cut off. I never noticed until one day while in the university, my friend Ijeoma and i were at a cyber-café. At some point, she looked at me and yelled out suddenly “CHINAZOR YOUR EAR IS NOT COMPLETE!!” *loooool!* I was like “What do you mean my ear is not complete? Hian!”. Well, i got home and looked in a mirror and it was true. I have no idea how it happened….maybe i was born that way. The second person that ever noticed it was my hubby, and as a result, everytime i birth our babies, he's always like “Is the baby’s ear complete? Check ooo!” *rolls eyes*

13.                   I can hibernate in my room for days!

14.                   I used to be veeeeeery skinny with bones jutting out in funny places, ‘chooking’ people anyhow……thank God for fat ooo!

15.                   My hubby is my best friend

16.                   My bath water has to be veeery hot…..almost scalding. I don’t think anyone else can stand water that hot.

17.                   I can be very sentimental, i attach sentiments to almost everything. Some months ago, i lost one of my old pens in the market. I didn’t know when it fell. When i realized it, i felt bad……not because i lost my pen, but i felt bad for the pen. I felt kinda sad that it wasn’t going home with me, instead, it was going to live among strangers and be trampled on. *Silly, i know but that’s a fact about me*

18.                   I don’t like going for events alone, i always have to look for someone to go with me, and if i'm unable to find, i just breeze in and breeze out of the place.

19.                   I’m claustrophobic. I can't stay in enclosed spaces.

20.                   I love driving, but Lagos bad roads and traffic has turned it into a chore. I enjoy driving if the roads are free.

So that’s it ooooo! 20 random facts about me. Thanks for tagging me Dobby…….i hereby tag…..


Oh and if you are reading this, please tell me a few random stuff about you too. It’s fun!

Besos and good night!

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  1. hahaha i have big and the same problem they are never shut all the way as i have been for me the more meat the better lol the smell of kerosene wow i have never heard of that o hehehe and omg i laughed at your husband checking his offsprings for complete ears too funny

    1. Lool! So u have my kinda eyes? So cool!
      My dear, don't mind him if na me cut the ear

  2. Ha Chi, you didn't include that you love to laugh, thanks for the nomination , working on mine already.

    1. Looool! So you noticed?
      Can't wait to read yours

  3. i hat hot food too.........i don't enjoy the meal when it's hot.
    Your an interesting pelson *in tatafoo's voice*

    1. I always burn my tongue. Right now, it's sore sef!

  4. GASP!!!!. Choi. Ermmmm. Ok.. Lemme gaan start composing. choiiiiiiii.

  5. Wow! We have some things in common. No.6 is soo me, that kerosene own is weird.i can hibernate in my room too, one time the security in my hostel had to tell me to try and be coming out that the didn't know I've been inside that what if something had happenmed? N0.18 and 19 is me too, I luv music soo much.
    I don't quite get No.11
    Too little meat would make me lose appetite.
    I hate houseflies just their buzz makes my skin crawl literally and I get goose pimples.
    I'm not too social.
    I love cooking.
    i'm short tempered
    shopping makes me happy.
    no matter what I'm shopping for.
    I don't follow trends (music, fashion... ) Dazzal.

    1. As in wen I see tiny circles clustered together or zigzag lines, I get the goosebumps. #NyamanyamaTinz
      I don't follow trends either.
      Cooking is a chore to me...I do it 'cos I have to.
      Oh, and shopping makes me happy too!

  6. I love bathing with hot water. Kaai nxt day kill of rice can sweet.

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  8. Weird thingzzzzzzz!
    I loveeeee God sooooo much too
    Whenever i enter someone's house, i love to check their restroom, bedroom & kitchen. such places you would never let anyone enter unless they are close to you. I could fake being pressed just to have a peek into your rest room. Lol
    Gospel/worship songs makes me cry a lot
    I have phobia for crowded places especially markets.....I had once fainted in the market
    I hate enclosed places....Had this nasty childhood experience where my friend & I mistakenly jammed the toilet door and we were stuck for hours until like after school hours when the teacher started looking for us
    I love bathing with very hot water
    I hate roaches, rats and house lizard
    I hate to drink water

    1. So how do you buy stuff for cooking? You send someone?
      I really hate enclosed places.
      Roaches are the worst!

  9. LOL

    I'm quite sentimental too, I hate losing my things for the exact reason.

    You write really well Chinazor :-)

  10. Meat also puts me off (too much of it or even big-sized). Infact, I can take a meal without meat.

  11. Wired Tins !!!!!! i can hibernate alone in my room without even remembering the outside world, i hate kerosine Ahhh i so hate the smell.
    i hate circles, holes and clusters like you too, it irritates the shit out of me..... am having goosebumps all over me right now kaiii.
    i love musics alot, i love food too #smiling#
    i have a sweet tooth
    i love bathing very hottttttttttt water like you too and i love taking my tea same way.
    am easily irritated by people too
    i love smiling, traveling and baking too.
    i hate roaches and lizards arrrr they so irritate me.
    i can do without my phone, i will be soooo bored out of my brain.
    i find it difficult to breath in confine places so i avoid crowed buses or rooms without windows.

  12. i cant do without my phone rather.


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