Tuesday, 14 October 2014

B 'n D Makeover | 'Pink Candy'

Good evening.
Today, i felt the urge to do a bright and colorful look. When it was time to choose the colors, i was torn between yellow & green and pink & blue. However, the latter won over the former…..so pink and blue it was!

I almost didn’t do this look today though ‘cos today was just soooo stressful. I had too much errands to run, and i eventually finished them all around 4:30pm, all on an empty stomach. Then it was time to cook *by the way, i really don’t like cooking….i do it because i have to*. I eventually had to multitask…..that’s how i ended up cooking and applying my makeup at the same time. Of course that required me climbing up and down the stairs several times *well, it’s good exercise for my thunder-thighs*.

So ‘Pink Candy’ is basically a pink & blue look with pink in the crease and blue on the lids. I got this gorgeous blue shade from my BH cosmetics 120 colors palette (the 4th edition)…..the pink came from there as well.

Then i got the black which i used to contour my eyes from my Sleek ‘Bad girl’ palette *one of my favourite sleek eyeshadow palettes*. At first, i tried using a shimmery black shade from my BH palette, but it wasn’t so intense and it was really hard to blend, so i ditched it and used a matte black from the sleek palette….it blended better! The great thing about Sleek palettes is that there is a matte black shade in almost every palette, but wait…this isn’t a review. Loool!

Ok, so for this look, i had on one of the Bee lashes in #48….so light and pretty! I also used my new Zaron gel liner in ‘Jazz’ to line my eyes…..i can’t wait to review this gel liner….it’s Ah-may-zing! *Stay tuned to this blog for the review*

For my lips, i simply used my Zaron lip liner in ‘Fussy Fusha’

Jordana eyebrow pencil in ‘Dark brown’
LA pro conceal in ‘Beautiful bronze’

Marykay 607 & 507 all over my face
Office powder in ‘BC347’
Black radiance blush in ‘Spiced ginger’
Sleek contour kit in ‘Dark’

NYX eyeshadow base in ‘Skin-tone’
Pink and Blue eyeshadows from my BH cosmetics 120 colors 4th edition palette
Zaron eyeliner pencil in ‘Black velvet’
Zaron gel liner in ‘Jazz’

Zaron lip liner in ‘Fussy Fusha’ all over the lips

Oh, and by the way, i can’t wear this look out ooo!….i just did it for fun.
Lagos beauties, the 2nd edition of the Christmas beauty A’fair is coming soon….i’ll bring more details later. How i wish makeup lovers in other states can have as much fun as we lagos peeps have….oh well…*shrugs*.
I gats to go now……..
Besos & gudnite!

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  1. Very sweet just like d name implies, btw d zaron gel liner in jazz is really a great product for its price .sisi eko

  2. Hello Chinazor,please wah can I do to make my body and face blend or what cream caan I use bcos my body is lighter than my face and it is rili getting frustrating.Please help me.

    1. Hello, I saw ur comment after I had signed out and gone to bed....sowwy.
      Ok the thing is.... I don't recommend cream for people. My specialty is makeup and basic skincare.
      Wish I could help you though.

  3. I love this n i can definitely wear it out.i'll try recreating d look.btw u are very pretty.we are waiting for the zaron gel liner review oo.ive had my eye on it for a while

  4. Ok.so waah skin treatment can u recommend for me.pls I rili need ur help

    1. Heyyy... I think you should use foundation and powder o the same color with your skin, TEMPORARILY.

    2. Nne, I don't do skin treatment either *sad face*

  5. The love the look but the 1st thought that crossed my mind is "I can't wear this out" maybe one day I will be that bold.

  6. These bee lashes are eyeing me oo..I love the bright blue on the lids and yes,I can rock this look depending on where I'm going to shaa. I'm also expecting a review of the Zaron gel liners,even though I own enough for now.

  7. Those colours look absolutely amazing on you!

  8. Your best look yet! You are really talented.

  9. I luv dis look and was rushing down to check which lipstick u used. It's even a lip liner which I have. So lovely on u

  10. I luv dis look and was rushing down to check which lipstick u used. It's even a lip liner which I have. So lovely on u


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