Friday, 17 October 2014

Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference (More pictures)

Hallo beauties…
I haff come again with more pictures from the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference.
No i won’t stop.
‘Because of why?’ You ask…..
Well, because i really want you to see what a swell event it was, and also because i want those of you who missed it for nothing’s sake to regret making that choice, so that you will plan to come next year *Mnneeeein…..nkooooin to you* (In Mish’s voice…..yes she says ‘Nkoooin’ instead of ntoooin).
Oh hey! Did you notice that i have bought my own domain? Yeah, i did…..It’s no longer, rather its now .com. My dears, i had to ooo! I had no idea that the powers that be could delete someborri’s blog just like that. N’ofu ntabi anya (in the blink of an eye)……now you see me and now you don’t. Well, you prolly didn’t notice because i bought the domain, and then i redirected my blog to the new domain, so even if you type in my blogspot address, it would take you to my .com address *cool huh?* The ministry is moving.
What was i saying again? Pictures! Oya…..lesgoo there!

Oke Maduewesi (MD of Zaron cosmetics)

Telling us about the power of the mind

Lola Maja- Ojekovoh

Ada Iwuagu of House of Tara brand

Tara Fela-Durotoye

Eryca Freemantle and Khuraira Musa
Oke Maduewesi and Lola Maja- Ojekovoh


Ameerah Abraham of 'The nail bar'

Daisy Obiano (MD Capelli salon), Aislynne Adewale (American-liscenced cosmetologist), Tokunbo Chiedu (CEP Compass consulting country partner, Design essentials), Ugo Igbokwe (Celebrity hairstylist, CEO Make Me salon), Teniola Adejuwon (Beauty Africa Morderator, Executive director Beauty by nature Inc)

Fatima Mamza

Daisy Obiano

Lola Maja-Ojekovoh

Elaine Okeke


M.J of Zaron cosmetics working her magic

Mamza beauty doing her thing

Mamza's finished look

Acne treatment by Pamela Olatunji-Bello

Dionne Smith, Award-winning hairstylist doing her thing

Khuraira Musa showing us air-brushing skills


Zaron Cosmetics

Make Me set up a mini-salon right there

Khuraira Cosmetics stand

L'Oreal stand

Karkafi hair

Darlo house of beauty
The beautiful paradise....I was given a powder to review....coming up soon

Bnatural spa group

Lady star
Design essentials also set up a salon right there!

UK Skin care academy

Kuddy was there too!


Ugo Igbokwe (MD of 'Make Me salon) wit two beautiful guests

With Ali (Informa life sciences...the organizers) and Chioma of 'Topnotch Makeovers'

Listening attentively

Aaaaand it's a wrap!
I have a feeling that the next one will be bigger and better. If you miss that one too, then……..
By the way, i’m planning a new series which would interest a lot of you ladies *rubs hands together in glee* Just stay tuned to, don’t…. DO NOT tosh that dial!

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  1. I dnt even knw wy I didn't show up hmmmmn.....but I won't miss d next one

  2. I miss o. Please next year's own should take place in abuja


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