Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fix it! | Broken pressed powder.

Good morning beauties……
‘Tis another ‘Fix it!’ segment, and this time we’ll be fixing a broken powder.
You know how messy a broken pressed powder can be….pouring all over the place when you try to open it, and making a mess of your makeup purse, and eventually you toss it.
Well, not anymore! Why toss it when you can fix it? We all know that makeup ain’t cheap, so stop tossing and start fixing.

I talked about my dried out M.A.C fluidline eyeliner in ‘Black track’ some posts back, and i said i would figure out a way to save it. I thought visine could do the trick, but it failed woefully. I’m still working on it though….it will be fixed somehow.
Please note that this ‘Fix it!’ pictorial can also be used to fix a broken blush. You can even use these same steps to turn your loose powder into a pressed one *i detest loose powders*.
Did you know that the open jar symbol you often find on the package of some makeup products means the shelf-life *as in the expiry period*? Some products have the open jar symbol while some don’t. You should only try to fix your products if they haven’t reached the period indicated on the symbol.
I will do a post on products and their shelf-lives soon so that you can tell when you should fix and when you should toss.

Let’s get to the pictorial
All you need is your broken powder, a tissue sheet or a sheet of paper, a small bottle for grinding the powder *i used my spirit bottle* , and methylated spirit.

First, i poured out the broken powder on the tissue sheet

Then i folded the sheet in two and rolled the bottle over it several times in order to grind up the powder

Next, i poured the grounded powder back into the powder container which i had already washed and cleaned….you might want to do the same.

Ground powder

Poured back in the pan

Then i sprayed spirit on the powder in the pan…..i sprayed just enough to douse and soak the powder as you can see in the picture below.

Spraying spirit in the might wannd be careful while doing this though so that you don't spray the powder everywhere.......infact, better still...pour the spirit instead of spraying it.

Powder soaked with spirit
Finally, i kept it outside to dry. It dried solid once the spirit evaporated. Leave it outside or somewhere out of reach *if you have kids* till it dries.

It's fixed! Even though it has cracks, its in a better state than it was previously. It woun't pour or mess anything up.

The spirit helps solidify the powder, and it doesn’t affect it in any way. See? It’s very easy to do! So don’t toss it…..fix it!
In the next segment, we'll be fixing a dried gel eyeliner.

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  1. Can I use this same method for my loose powder?

  2. Nice concept.Will try it with mine.Thanks mam.

  3. This is a very useful pictorial. You are awesme girl! Thumbs up. I love this blog so much.

  4. What?....dis is unbelieveable!To think 3days ago I just toss my Mac studio fix powder.Thanks Nazor for dis gr8 infor.Bless u!

  5. Wow. Great tip. You're the best nne. Ermmm, can this method work with broken eye shadows too?


  7. You are now a Pro!

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