Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Kiddies store alert!! | Tender hands & Feet

Good afternoon beauties
This post is dedicated to the mums and aunties in the house….
You know how i love to share when i discover nice places and things? I found a kiddies store today! *Whoop-whoop!*.
I know that this blog is about all things beauty, but hey, i’m a mum and i know that there are lots of other mums who read my blog. Sometimes, it can be hard to find things you need for your kids……yes, there are lots of kiddies stores everywhere, but trust me, you can walk in and out of some of them without finding what you need or buying anything at all. Some stock their stores with drab-looking things.

So here’s introducing ‘Tender feet & hands’, a lovely ‘lil store that has all a mum needs. Not all stores have me ‘wow-ing’, staring and touching, but this one did! And the best part is that it’s not even far from my place at all. There are some items i had been looking for which i found here.
So mums and expectant mums living around Okota, Raji rasaki, Festac, Mile-2 estate and Satellite-town, I have shared the good news with you ooo! Don’t dull yasefs!
Aunties, you can get great stuff for your nephews and nieces.

66 Raki Rasaki estate road,
Red rose plaza,
You can call them on 07034723113

So here are some pictures i took of the store….

I loved this one so much, i had to single it out for a personal shot.

Perfumes for the kids

As in, how cute are these?!

Nuby 'Squeeze feeder' for those babies who don't like to suck bottles

That cute baby bath up there was beckoning to me, but Zuri has out-grown it *sad face*

Cute 'lil skirt

My pictures don't do these dresses justice at all!

Cute P.Js

You see what i saw? I love it when i’m able to find great quality stuff for my kids. Would i be heading back there? Certainly!!
Don’t dull yasefs ooooo!


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  1. Finally, a good store in my area! I'm loving that black and white gown wit a black collar. Nazor, thanks for this post.

  2. Thanks darling. Am soooo glad. Finally I dnt ve to go alll d way to ikeja n shop


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