Wednesday, 22 October 2014

PICTORIAL | The winged eyeliner.

Good morning Dolls…..
How are you doing? I’m free this morning, so i decided to do a blog post. Thank God Dindu and Mish are at school, so i have some peace and quiet. However, i have Zuri with me, and she’s just an easy baby….bless her! She doesn’t cry unnecessarily, and as long as she has a full tummy and a dry diaper on, she’ll be content to just lie down beside me rolling, making faces, playing, blabbering or chewing her hands.
If the other two were here, it woulda been a different story. I would have been constantly interrupted by them..
“Mummy, can i talk?”
I nod absent-mindedly
“Dindu ate my sausage”
“Mummy, acho’m lollipop” (Mummy i want lollipop) *She's making an attempt to speak igbo small small…yaaaay!*
“Mummy, Mish is pouring water on the floor!”
Bottom-line is…i would not blog in peace! So, i thank tha Lord for this morning.

So at the end of yesterday’s post, i mentioned a winged eyeliner pictorial. Naomi one of my contacts on BBM requested this pictorial, and i promised her that i would see what i can do about it. Yesterday, i did something abourrrit, and i’ll try to make this as detailed as possible.
This pictorial was achieved using just my Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jazz' and a brush. The pointy brush i like to use to apply my gel liner has become flared, so its no longer 'werking'....i found another brush which is doing the job well .

I used a matte eyeshadow which is almost my skintone all over my eyelids, and i didn’t contour the outer corner of my eyes just so you can see the outline of the winged eyeliner clearly.
Before we start, i’ll like you to note the following…
·      The eyeliner should start very thin (in the inner corner of the eyes) and then increase in thickness as you draw it outwards.
·      You should draw it as close to the lash line as possible, there shouldn’t be visible flesh-gaps.
·      You don’t have to draw a straight line all the way out….it’s ok to draw connecting lines using short strokes….just make sure the line is straight and not rough.
·      If you need to stretch out the skin by pulling the corner of your eye in order to be able to draw a straight line, you can do so.
·      You should have a steady hand….hold your breath if you have to.
·      You can keep your eye open or closed, depends on what works for you *i keep mine open*.

So in this pictorial, i first drew an outline and then filled it in. This isn’t how i do mine, but i had to do it this way to make it easier for beginners who don’t know how to draw it at all.
‘Ere we go………

Note how the line is connected to my waterline

So first, i drew a line at the edge of my eyeball, slanting it upwards….that is the wing *You can make yours longer if you wish, depending on how dramatic you want your winged eyeliner to be*.

Next, i drew the upper outline from the inner corner of the eyes and upwards to join the first line i drew on the edge of the eyes *The wing should be sharp*.

And then i started filling it in from the inner corner. Remember that the line you draw should start thin and then increase in thickness as you draw it out *thank you*

You can make your eyeliner as thick as you want, but please, if you have small eyelids or hooded eyes, please draw a thin eyeliner. Because if you make it thick, it would cover most of your eyeshadow.

That’s it! Pretty simple!
Like every other part of makeup, you need to practice it till you are perfect. You are also free to rock any color you like!
So glad i could help…..If you have any questions, please leave a comment.
You’re welcome…..

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  1. This is lovely. .. just wondering if I can use a gel liner in my waterline as my eyes r super sensitive.

    Nice post dear.

    1. Yes you can....some people do.
      Thank you.

  2. Very cool and detailed too. Nice one Nazor. I have some gel liners I haven't opened yet. Will try this out ASAP. This is becoming my fave makeup blog cos of ur detailed posts and consistency. Biko keep it up u hear? More grease to your elbow.

    1. She;s just too much> Does all her teachings like drama. *blowkisses*

  3. I also luv the stories about your kids. U're suc a blessed woman. Wat more could u ask for??? Dat ur Zuri ehn, if I catch her ehn u go find am tire.

  4. Tanks plenty for dis ,love this tutorial!U are amazing Nazo.Wil definately try dis soon.Am super excited.

  5. I get excited whenever i see a new post here n im gad when i get to "besos".thanx alot

  6. Did u use a pencil or liquid liner to draw d outline??

    1. I used the same gel liner to draw the outline.

  7. Very precise,thanks a lot

  8. Nice one! Can I use a mini angled brush If I don't have same as yours?

    1. Yes you can.
      The angled brush is used for the gel eyeliner, but I just don't like to use it.

  9. Hmm, it appears I have to take my make up ministry to the next level. I try to achieved this winged look using eye Liner only. All my makeup are just basic stuff. I think it's time I invest in "real" makeup, my major concern will be my brows.
    Thanks for the pictorial.

  10. Its very clean and precise. I need a better brush for my gel liner

  11. i tried mine, the right eye is sharper than the left *phew*

  12. learnt a new method from this post..i like!

  13. Great tutorial, I've never gotten this right, now I can practise with your well-detailed steps.
    Thank you!


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