Friday, 10 October 2014


Hullo dears....
Makeup by Ashabee now has its own lash brand, and i was sent some lashes to review……4 beautiful lashes…..i can't even shout!
These lashes are soft, light  and really beautiful. I wore one of them (#747M) to the Beauty Africa Conference, and people kept saying that they loved my lashes.

Well, before i go on with my review, here’s what ‘Bee lashes’ has to say……

Bee Lashes is here!!!
“Every girl is beautiful, but there is even more
beauty with Bee Lashes.”
Bee Lashes is the new premium, stylish, innovative and exciting beauty brand offering a wide range of 100% sterilized human hair eye extensions.
Our lashes are affordable, re-usable, long lasting, light-weight, and totally gives you that natural look you’ve always desired.
We are committed to providing you with impeccable customer service as we hold our customers dear to our hearts!
Be sure to follow our trend as we bring you latest updates and juicy pictures of our unique product.
Also there are special discounts for the makeup retailers and sellers!
Place your orders now by calling or emailing our customer service.
Follow @beelashes
Call (+234)9096780628
Bee Lashes-Be Beautiful.

A closer look

Personally, i like my lashes light and soft…..i don’t like feeling like i have a canopy over my eyes, and these lashes are just as i like them.

The only one among them which i don’t really like is the #1 ‘cos i don’t like lashes that have a black band *that’s my preference though, other people might like them*. I like lashes that have a transparent band just like #48, #747M and #747L.

This one kinda looks like Ardell Wispies

And the great thing about these lashes is how affordable they are!
Would i still buy them? Certainly! What’s not to love? Great quality, affordable rates.

N700 each, and N500 each for 12 pieces and above.
Contact details are up there, but you can still reach them on…


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  1. It's beautiful, I would totally rock them if I wore lashes.

  2. I'm liking the look of #47, thanks for this review. Was looking up to order lashes in bulk, now I have them right here in naija at affordable rates too.

  3. Can false lashes be re-used? If yes, can you tell us how?

    1. Yes they can. I'll do a separate post on lashes ok?

  4. I love these lashes but I can't seem to be able to fix them my eyelids always ends up in a glued mess. Pls help!

    1. I'll reply you in the upcoming post I just talked about above.

  5. there's nothing like lovely and affordable make up!

  6. Amazing lashes.I can't wait to get mine. Just ordered.

  7. How can we make a purchase online?


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