Tuesday, 21 October 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Zaron gel liner in 'Jazz'

Howdy beauties….
Sorry about the break in transmission, my wifi got disconnected for a while, but we’re back up and running…..thank goodness!
So how ya been? Great i hope.
I promised a review of the new Zaron gel eyeliner in ‘Jazz’ which i bought at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference *infact, i have a number of products to review, we’ll get to all of them one by one*. The first time i read about the gel liners was on Stella DimokoKorkus’s blog *there are 3 shades*, and right then, i knew i had to have at least one of them…..of course it had to be the ‘Jazz’. Thankfully, Zaron had a stand right at the entrance of the exhibition hall, so when i had a chance, i went up there and purchased a pot from Mary Jane.

If you read my blog often, you would know that i love my Zaron pencil liners with a passion *especially the ‘Black velvet*.
‘What is the why?’
Oh because they are so pigmented, creamy and long-lasting! *True story ooo! A trial will convince you*. So when i read about the new gel liners, i had no doubt that they would be just as good, but i was woefully wrong….
They’re better!!
Oya, let’s review this baby……

The Zaron eye liner in ‘Jazz’ comes in a ‘lil plastic pot with a black cover, and it contains 1oz/3g of product.

‘Jazz’ is soooo creamy, smooth and pigmented (as in, it has great color pay-off). It applies very smoothly….infact, it glides on *And i like that!*.
When applied, ‘Jazz’ dries matte *as in without any sheen or shimmer to it*.
This was just one swipe....i used my finger ....shame on me!

On the bottom of the pot, it is written ‘Long wear gel eye liner’, and they didn’t lie. This baby doesn’t budge! When i swatched it on the back of my hand and let it dry, then i tried to wipe it off later with my other hand, but it took a lot of effort to get it off. Even baby wipes didn’t clean it off easily…. It really is long-lasting.

I've only used it like 7 times so far, and i’ve loved the experience. I’m hoping to update you after a month or more to let you know if it dries out quickly in the pot like some other gel liners do. My M.A.C fluid liner in ‘Black track’ has since dried out and become flaky, and breaks off while i’m applying it *I need to find a way to ‘Fix it!’ though*. I hate when that happens.
Zaron didn’t disappoint with this product at all. I’m so glad that we have indigenous Nigerian brands that are really affordable and of great quality! You don’t have to empty your wallet to get great products. I pray we get more brands soon.
Will i still buy ‘Jazz’? Why not?! I had been looking for a gel liner to replace my ‘Black track’, and i’m glad to say that i’ve found it.

Zaron gel liners also come in Jean (Blue) and Jade (Green).
Any Zaron store or from any Zaron distributor

PS…. Stay tuned for a pictorial on winged eyeliner application as requested by Naomi on my BBM….oh, and the pictorial will be featuring ‘Jazz’.


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  1. Chei!! If I keep reading your blog i'll buy every makeup product out there!! *whew*.....ok ooo, off to the nearest zaron shop then!

  2. i got Hegai and Esther gel liner.......let me just say it's not working for me

    1. Hmnnnn...... Oya buy this one, then come back and testify.

    2. Hi,i have had mine for three months now n it's still intact n for the price its really more value for less.but i trust most people will still prefer to buy inglot lol good luck to them.and yes H&E gel liner didn't work for me too dried up since forever. Sisi Eko

  3. Looking forward to having these in Ghana. I love the Zaron Kajal Liner and will love to have these! Erm for the dried up gel liner i read somewhere that you could mix it with Visine or contact lens solution. perhaps you could try that?
    Annette, Ghana

    1. Thank you.
      I already tried visine, it didnt work.
      *wipes brow*

  4. I'm definitely going to pick this up this week. Does it come with a brush for application?



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