Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Rain Vedutti Photography

Hello dears…..
How are we doing today? Hope good.
Y’all know how important good photos are. Infact, photography is a very important part of an event (wedding, child dedication, parties), because after it’s  all over, your photos are all you are left with.  Just imagine yourself having an awesome-tastic wedding, and looking forward to seeing the pictures, hoping that the event was captured in all its glory….wouldn’t it  be great to actually have wonderful pictures to behold? What if you hired a photographer and he made a royal mess of it all? *Oh the painment!*. You also don't want those ones who use embarassing concepts like asking the groom to lie down on the floor or asking the groomsmen to kneel on all fours while the bridesmaids sit on their backs....loooool! .
Ok, so i want to introduce to you all one of the best photographers i know……
*Drum rolls*

‘Rain Vedutti Photography’!!!

Don’t you just love the name? ‘Rain Vedutti Photograpy’ is based at Abuja, but they travel anywhere you need them. Please view some photos below…..

I'm certain that there are brides-to-be who read this blog. I'm also certain that there are parents who want to throw a child dedication party, or a birthday party.
Do you want to take a family potrait? Well, now y'all know who to call. Remember that pictures speak a thousand words, and they are a great way to capture memories.....

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  1. Beautiful........i know it's about the photographer but mehn i can't take my eys off the Make-up, wedding color and Bride:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  2. Nazonwa, These are beautiful pictures........

  3. The bride, the groom, the cake, the colours! These pictures are absolutely beautiful!


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