Thursday, 20 November 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Flame

Howdy babes!
How you doing this fine Thursday morning?
These okada riders will not ‘laputa’ someone in this Lagos. This morning on my way back from school runs, one hit my car from the back and fell ‘yakata’ on the road….hian!  Yesterday, one lad riding some yards ahead of my car made a sudden U-turn in the middle of the road. I had to brake suddenly to avoid hitting him….thank heavens there was no car behind me or even another mumu-ish okada rider.
When i was thinking about what look to do, ‘Red’ came to mind. I wanted fiery eyes with some sort of glint, and nude/almost bare lips.
I didn’t have a red eyeshadow in the shade i wanted, so i grabbed my Sleek ‘Scandalous’ blush and packed it on my eyelids…..yeah, you heard me right! I used blush on my eyelids *Looooool!*. I’m sure that lots of makeup artists improvise like that. Sometimes, i use face powder as an eyeshadow sef! *If i’m going for a matte skin-tone shade on the eyes*

Ehn-hen, so i used ‘Scandalous on my eyes, then i added a gold glint in the inner corners. After that, i contoured the outer corners with a brown eyeshadow, lined the upper lash line with my Zaron ‘Jazz’ gel liner and did my waterlines with my Zaron ‘Black velvet’ pencil. I finished up with my Bee lashes in #747M.

For my lips, i went nude. I used a Marykay lip gloss with gold shimmer in it to complement the gold inner corners of my eyes. Unfortunately, i couldn’t find the name of the lipgloss written anywhere on it.
I wore the look out, and people loved it. I rarely wear my looks out, rather i wash it off after taking pictures *covers face*. I loved the look, it came out exactly like i pictured it.


Dimples brow pencil in ‘Brown’
L.A Girl PRO Conceal in ‘Beautiful bronze’ and ‘Toffee’

Marykay foundation in 607 & 507
Office pressed powder in ‘BC347’
Sleek contour kit in ‘Dark’
Black radiance blush in ‘Soft honey’

Sleek blush in ‘Scandalous’ on my eyelids
Brown eyeshadow from my sleek ‘Paraguaya’ eyeshadow palette
Gold eyeshadow from my sleek ‘Storm’ palette
Zaron gel eyeliner in ‘Jazz’
Zaron pencil eyeliner in ‘Black velvet’

Marykay gold shimmery lipgloss.

 So tell me……do you improvise with makeup?


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  1. Looooove!!!! I'm wearing dis look to work tmao. Don't care if it's appropriate or not, after all its friday sef...Hehehehehehe

  2. You have mel williams' type of eyes.check her on insta @mellypatrice. .The look is pretty even though im not a fan of red on my eyes except as a transition colour bt it suits you good.

    1. Seriously? I will check her out ooooo!

  3. I like!!!!! When are u inviting me for a Makeover????? It's long overdue

  4. I love it. Very fresh and lovely. Nne you will not come and do me ni? Hian, that didn't quite come out right.o.o Ahem, when can I come over for a makeover? :D

    1. Looooool! I wee nor come and do you biko oooooo! However, i shall do ya makeup whenever you come around *winks*.

  5. Whao! Finally!! I have been a long time reader but never commented. That is because I didn't have this profile that can make me comment with my name. Oh well, I shared the problem with someone and he fixed it for me. I can comment now with a profile! Not to worry, you'd be seeing my comment on every posts! I wish you know how happy I am that I finally have a profile. Yippie!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Beautiful! The fiery look makes your eyes pop!

  7. This look is so pretty, the colour "red" suits you so well! What colour doesn't suit you sef? Lol! You're so pretty

  8. Beautiful
    Classic concepts


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