Sunday, 2 November 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Purple 'n Green Fusion

Dearly beloved, I’ve been sooooo busy lately! But you see this money? We musto make it!

The day i did this look, Omawunmi’s song titled ‘Megbele’ was playing non-stop. I know i’m late to the parry and it’s an old song, but like my igbo people would say “Mgbe onye jiri teta n’ura bu ututu ya” (Whenever one wakes up, that’s his/her morning). I have no idea what was being said in the song but ‘Megbele’ is a jam! The bass guitar in the song was just dope! Infact ehn……….
Anyway, when i lugged up my makeup box, i had no particular look in mind, so i decided to go with the flow. All i knew was that i wanted to use my ‘Duke’ lipstain, and that i wanted an unconventional look. So, this is what i came up with…
A purple and green look…

There's no law that states that we must wear matching there?

For the record, i can't wear this look ooo! So to make it wearable, i switched the lip color . Feel free to compare and tell me which one you prefer.

Now, this one i can comfortably rock.

MAC eyebrow pencil
LA Pro concealers in ‘Toffee’ and ‘Beautiful bronze’

Marykay foundations in 607 & 507
LA Pro concealers in ‘Toffee’ and ‘Beautiful bronze’
Office powder in ‘BC347’
Sleek contour kit in ‘Dark’
Black radiance blush in ‘Spiced ginger’ and ‘Soft honey’

Tara eyeprimer
NYX eyeshadow base in ‘skintone’
A purple eyeshadow from my sleek eyeshadow palette in ‘Snapshots’
A green shade from my BH Cosmetics 120 color 4th edition palette
Zaron eyeliner pencil in ‘Black velvet’
Zaron gel eyeliner in ‘Jazz’
Bee lashes in #747L

Sleek Flash ‘a pout lipstain in ‘Duke’
So pray...tell.....which of the looks do you prefer? Look 1 or 2?

I'm presently working on something big, it’s really exciting! Soon, i’ll do the big reveal *does a ‘lil dance*.

Laters dears…

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  1. Definitely the nude lip o, I'm a bush girl I can't rock the duke.
    It's fierce! Lol.
    Vamp look.
    Pls what's the big ish o, share let's join the dance.
    I'm still had to take the Web route. Kilo Happen?

    1. None, I dunno what is wrong ooo! So I don't even know wat to fix.
      As for the big iish........ Be patient. Lool!

  2. Gorgeous as always. I like d second look.

  3. Second look.i love d eyes

  4. Loveee d second look. Pls what shade of d L.A concealer will i use? I use marykay 507 foundation.

    1. Thanks dear!
      Errrrrr.... I just started using the LA concealer, I don't even have all the shades yet, so i'm not conversant with them enough to know which shade a 507 person should use.

    2. Yh cool mary kay 507 tan for hoghlight n fawn is same shade as 507

  5. Nne, I love the 2nd look more. The nude lips works better with the eyeshadow colours...

  6. The last pinshure took my breathe away. Chai. Omalicha nwa bebe ya too mush, inugo. Very bintinful suntin. :)

  7. Love the first look anytime anyday..nude lips have become so boring for me so I will wear duke out in broad day light..lovely

  8. TEMIDESIRE BAKSON4 November 2014 at 05:36

    So lovly, I prefered the first look

  9. I love the purple thingy. Weldone ma'am

  10. we want a tutorial

  11. Nazor great job. I don't know how to line my eye pencil and its given me concern


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