Tuesday, 25 November 2014

HE saves mightily| My testimony

Good evening ladies…
I type this in tears. Today, i confirmed once again that God loves me soooooooo much! Yes He does.
Today, i want to testify about the saving power of God our father. The incident i’m about to recount occurred this evening.
If not for God, today i would have lost my husband *God forbid in Jesus name!*.

We just got back from Victoria Island, and my hubby drove out to return the DSTV decoder he bought just yesterday because it developed issues. While he was out, i decided to go do some washing.
As i was washing, i heard a vehicle speed by my house….i’m talking top speed here……as in top! In my mind, i was like “who could be driving this fast? This isn’t a high-way for goodness sake!” *service lane ooo!*. Then a thought occurred to me…i wondered if my hubby was on his way home and then horrible thoughts began to cross my mind…
“What if the speeding car hit him?”
“If the car hits him at that speed, he won't survive ooo!”
“If he dies, my dad would be like ‘But i just spoke with him right now!’” *They spoke on phone like 10 minutes before hubby drove out*
“What would i tell my kids that happened to their dad?”

I tried to dismiss the thought and pray it away. The next thing, i heard people and Okadas driving towards the direction the car went…..that was when i knew that an accident had occurred. Not long after, i heard my hubby’s car horn. He then came in and told me that he just escaped death narrowly!
He said that a Tundra SUV was driving towards him at very top speed and swerving from side to side because the driver was struggling to control the steering wheel. He made a feeble attempt at swerving away from the oncoming disaster, but it was not enough. Then like a miracle, the Tundra suddenly swerved away from him and slammed into a RAV4 and an infinity jeep parked in front of a school. The force of the hit pushed the RAV4 off the road and onto the side-walk, and destroyed the front and back of the vehicle. The back of the infinity too was seriously affected ‘cos the back screen was shattered and the rear bumper was destroyed. The Tundra itself fell on its side and the front was also destroyed. Infact, the Tundra and the RAV4 are now useless scraps. All this happened within seconds, and on the service lane sef not even on a high-way.

The front of the RAV4, after the Tundra hit it

The front of the Tundra

Side view of the Tundra

The infinity, The back of the RAV4, and the Tundra behind. It was lying on its side before it was lifted. The RAV4 was parked right behind the Infinity, but see where the Tundra pushed it to!

The back of the Infinity.....the other side was worse!

If not for God’s intervention, my husband’s car would have been the Tundra’s wedge, and perhaps the other cars won't even have been affected. He said that he knew he wouldn’t have survived the hit. Infact, he had already given up when he saw the speed the vehicle was coming with. He said that the only thought that occurred to him at that moment was “This is it!”.  
The Tundra was driven by 2 very young boys, but they escaped with minimal injuries *Thank God!*. Their airbags helped save them too!
I went there to see for myself. By that time, the men in the crowd had lifted the Tundra up *it was lying on its side and the guys came out through the window*. I was a shocking sight to behold my dears! When i got there, i spoke to the owners of the RAV 4 and the Infinity. The Infinity lady said that she was sitting in her car with her baby when it happened. Her other two kids were supposed to be sitting at the back of the car, but she sent them back inside to school to get something *This accident happened in front of a school*. She said everything happened within seconds….. she felt the impact, turned around and saw a big vehicle lying on its side behind her *OMG!*. What if her older kids were already inside the jeep?.
The RAV4 lady said that she wasn’t in her car when it happened. She went inside the school to pick up her sister’s kids. If that lady was inside her jeep, she would not have survived that accident. Brethren, her vehicle is gone! Can never be fixed! Some staff inside the school said that the woman never comes down from her car when she comes for school runs. She always sits in the car and the kids come out to her. But today, God made her come out of her car and took her inside the school. She came out and saw her car in a mangled mess! Is this God not too much?!! It wasn’t her time.

So while those horrible thoughts were crossing my mind, my hubby was about to get hit if not for God who saved him. Please say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for us…..All of us *My hubby, the ladies and the young boys who are presently at Golden cross hospital.*. Thank Him for letting no one die.. I told my hubby that God let him witness this incident for a reason. On his way back from the DSTV office, someone who helped him do a job asked him to come and pick up his stuff in like 30mins….the guy suggested he should come and hang around and wait. If he had done that, he wouldn’t have witnessed that incident, and he would never know the gravity of what God saved him from. On a daily basis, God delivers us from so many calamities which most of the time we are not aware of. If our eyes are opened to see them all, we will be eternally grateful to God, and some of us might even live in constant fear.
I’m sitting here wondering what would have been happening at my house right now if God did not swerve that Tundra away from my hubby’s vehicle *Shudders*.

I'm soooooooo thankful to God for what HE did today……i won't forget this day in a hurry.
Onye huru Jesus kele ya, si ya n’omela (If you see Jesus, thank Him for me, tell Him that He has done well).
Thank you mighty deliverer!
*Please pardon any typos you might have come across, i typed this in somewhat of a hurry and i’m over-whelmed with emotions*

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  1. thank God my sister it is not ur portion and never will. We shall not bury or mourn our loved ones in JESUS name AMEN..

  2. God is just awesome! Praise God! The testimonies shall continue to overflow IJN!

  3. God is God and he is still working miracles.

  4. Death will not come near ur household dis year and many yrs to come. U and ur husband will live to see all ur grandchildren. The devil is and will always remain a powerless liar!!!

  5. THANK GOD for Protection over you and yours.

  6. The devil is a liar! Thank God for being God

  7. Oh goodness, see me shaking. Imagine an accident that can cause a tundra to fall on its side as we how big tundra is! God is exceedingly faithful. Calamity shall be far far away from you in Jesus Name.

  8. Wow. Thank God for protection. I'm glad the boys are safe too, I hope they get to fix all the affected cars.

  9. God is good.he never sleeps.he is constantly saving us from things we cant see.I pity whoever doesn't pray.working in a hospital and seeing different cases everyday n knowing dat the things that brought people to d hospital are things u do on a daily basis just make me weep.waking up in the morning and say "thank you LORD for everything"is enough prayer.thank God for ur testimony

  10. Wow...I praise God on your behalf...Baba, thank You for your mercies that we receive new everyday. I pray none of us shall mourn any of our loved ones, neither shall we be mourned as the year runs to an end. His protection shall never waiver over us. Amen.

  11. He wil give His angels charge over us †Φ keep us in Ǻℓℓ our ways...Glory †Φ G̶̲̥̅♡̷̬̩̃̊D̶̲̥̅̊!!!!!

  12. Great God, we bless your Holy name!
    Thank you for saving the lives of your children!!!
    Onye hùrù Jesus sí ya thanks!!!!

  13. Chio, u serve a living God y worry? Evil shall not see or meet u and ur household in whatsoever way dey have planned it! Your mouth will always testify of the Lord's goodness in ur life and dat of household! Shallom

  14. God is so Good! Our eyes shall not weep for sorrow, our Ears shall hear no bad news ooo, ha!
    Faithful God has done it again.

  15. Tnx be 2 God almighty who does not cease 2 protect his children

  16. Thank You Jesus, He that never fails may his Name be praised.

  17. Bless him o..He is good.My husband was in a similar accident only he was d driver and his car was mangled beyond repair(a sports car for tht matter,very tiny thing squeezed like toilet roll) and was sold as scrap there n then.All he sustained after d car flipped 3 times was an elbow cut and that was all.May His mercy and protection never seize in our lives.Amen

  18. If you see God, please help me tell him thank you...that part got me. Our God is a wonderful God.... thank you jesus

  19. Chukwudalu oooooo. Thank God no one died.

  20. Thanks soooo much everyone!
    Our God is an awesome God.

  21. Dts why He's God! To Him alone be all the Glory!

  22. Thank u Lord Jesus for showing them Mercy and protecting us.


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