Thursday, 6 November 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Cover Girl 'Lash blast length' mascara

Hello lovelies…..
I’ve been soooo busy lately. As in my days are packed with so much activity, and at night, when i’m supposed to blog, i just snuggle under my covers and snore away *hubby says i snore sometimes. I dunno if its true…..maybe i do when preggers sha*. Even right now as i type this post, i feel soooooooo exhausted and sleepy, and i can't count how many times my eyes have closed all by themselves. I'm sha warning you 'cos there might be 'gbagauns' (typos) in this post, if you find any, graciously ignore. Thanks you.

So i purchased this Cover Girl ‘Lash blast length’ mascara from the ‘Beauty Kink’ stand at the exhibition *shebi i said i would review my mini-haul one-by-one?*. While i was scanning the display with my eyes, what got me was the packaging *yellow is such a cheery colour*.

By the way, there's one gorgeous eyeshadow palette like that which Olu *the babe behind Beauty Kink* gave me to swatch. Very powerful palette! I picked up some color from the palette and tapped the back of my wrist….only a tap ooo! And the eyeshadow came out in all its glory. Chei! I can’t remember the name of the palette sha.
Anyway, like i said, the packaging of this mascara got me. Like the name implies, it's a lengthening mascara. It applies really well, and thankfully, it has the kinda brush i love to apply mascara with. The clean brush was so pretty, i almost didn’t want to dip it in the tube and get black all over it *lool*

The good thing about this mascara wand  is that  it can fit in short lashes as well as long ones. ‘Lash blast length’ applies very well, However, the Maybelline colossal mascara remains my favourite mascara of all time. If only the application brush was like this one…..oh well!.

Remember not to pump the wand into the tube…..doing so dries out the product quickly. And if your mascara happens to dry out before the shelf-life runs out, ‘fix it!’ by squeezing a few drops of visine and squirl the brush in the tube, or hit the tube on your palm repeatedly.

Besos and good night! My bed beckons.

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  1. I was so happy when i saw this review. I'm like yaay i have that mascara... It has a sister too -covergirl lash blast volumizer-. They are two of my all time favourite mascaras. Did i mention that you're my role model? You inspire me not to give up on my dreams of being a renowned mua like yourself. Thank you and my regards to Dindu, Mish and Zuri❤

    1. Awwwwwww! thanks so much darl! *blushing furiously*

  2. wow! Once i see this product at any beautty store, i must purchase it ASAP.

  3. I like the packaging too. That Maybelline Colossal mascara wand annoys me a lot


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