Monday, 17 November 2014


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Today, i’m going to talk about a concealer i had heard soooo much about, so i finally bought two shades from Beauty.kink at the Beauty Africa Exhibition.

It is the L.A Girl PRO conceal HD concealer *by the way, HD means high definition*. Prior to my purchase, i was using Marykay concealers in ‘Bronze 1 & 2’, and they served me quite well. So when the beauty world went agog with raves about the L.A Girl PRO concealers, i decided to purchase one or two and share my findings with you so you’ll get to know if it’s worth the buy or not.
This concealer comes in 18 shades *wowzers!!!.  But i got the shades in ‘Toffee’ and ‘Beautiful bronze’. The concealer has a brush applicator, and i really don’t know how i feel about that. Sure, it makes applying concealer under the eyes easy *for personal use though*, but how about those who use it professionally? You can’t use the same applicator underneath everyone’s eyes, so you have to keep cleaning it. As for me, i always squeeze out the quantity i need on the back of my hand or in a palette and then apply from there *i think i should just cut off that brush thingy*.

The concealer is light-weight and blends easily, but if you don’t set it with a powder *preferably Ben nye or Black opal translucent powder*, it will crease on you.
However, i hate the fact that i have to squeeze so hard to get product out of the tube. Sometimes, i end up over-squeezing, so too much comes out, and when that happens, i don’t know how to get the excess product back in the tube. What i do  then is that i just scoop the remainder up with the applicator brush and screw the cap back on hoping that it doesn’t dry up *wipes brow*.

The light one is 'Toffee' while the darker one is 'Beautiful bronze'

I use it to sculpt my eyebrows and also to brighten up underneath my eyes, and it does a really good job. Despite the cons, i would definitely buy it again ‘cos it’s worth the buy.

Little extras store on 22 road, Festac town.
Any other good beauty store around you.

N1,200-N1,500 ( Depends on the buyer)

Alrighty then….hope my review helped. You’re welcome….


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  1. Nne good morning, just added you on bbm. Let's talk

  2. Thanks for the information , will look for one to buy. I hope it works for me

  3. Another something I admire but never use.
    A quick question, why mix? Can't one just look for a particular shade that matches? That way you save money and time.

    1. My dear, there are particular shades that matches oooo! but most times, I don't have them available. For example, in a bid to test the concealers first, I bought only 2 shades which don't exactly match my shade.....and so I mix. I also have a marykay foundation shade that matches me exactly, I think its 504 abi na 600 sef {scratches head}, but I don't have it, hence I mix 607 and 507. I really don't mind mixing sha.....but like you pointed out, it saves time and money.

  4. Great review. Http://

  5. Hi Chinazor, I'm loving your blog! I just discovered it today. I believe we have the same skin tone as I also use MK foundation in bronze 507 and 607. Just wondering if you've used Black Opal, Black Up and MAC foundation and if so, what shade do you use for each? Thanks in advance.
    Love from Kenya!

    1. Hey!
      Thanks for reading my blog....I appreciate you greatly.
      I haven't used Black Opal or Black up, but many years ago, I used MAC NC45, but now that I think of it, i'm not even sure that was my shade.

  6. I like this concealer. It is very lightweight. I think its very good fot highlighting n contouring. Gr8 review Nazor. I also bought my @my makeup sura branch fot 1200naira only

  7. I love this concealer. Since I started using it, I've dumped my marykay concealer. I love it cos its light weight but the disadvantage is when you press too much, you cant put it back...that's not good for me sha. Nice review nne


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