Saturday, 27 December 2014

BEAUTY TALK | How i care for my skin in the hamarttan season

Errrrr......this post should have come earlier, but it didn't because i thought that there would be no hamarttan. For some reason, hamarttan came late this december, infact the christmas week was ushered in with rainfalls.

I won't lie, i was kinda dancing for joy in my heart when the dry cold weather didn't start, i half-hoped that it wont come at all. Hamarttan and i have a love-hate relationship......Love because it brings that 'christmas smell' we all cherish, and hate because my skin, hair and nose suffers once the cold brittle wind starts blowing. My house nko? Dust every freaking where!

Anyway, today, i want to share with you all how i care for my skin in the hamarttan season. If you are in the east, you would need this information because i heard it's pretty harsh over there. As for those in Lagos, i think it's milder here but you would still need to copy this.

Lesgo there!

Hamarttan makes the air get really cold and hold less moisture than warm air. Your skin gets rough, flaky and itchy too. So how do you handle this?

Bathe with warm water *not hot water*. No matter the temptation to soak yourself in a tub of hot water, resist it. Bathing with hot water would strip your skin of its natural oils and leave you feeling dry and itchy. Also, it's better you take short showers not long ones.

Slather on the moisturizer. I use an oil-based moisturizer to fight the dryness, and i really slather it on. Then i moisturize again at night before i go to bed. Even if you have oily skin, you should still moisturize.

Always use a lip balm on your lips to prevent dry painfully cracked lips. I ditched my EOS lip balm for my Maybelline baby lips.....that baby saved my life this season!

For my nose, i apply a light layer of vaseline inside my nostrils and around it to make it easier for me to breathe. Breathing in dry air can be really painful and uncomfortable! Zuri was so uncomfortable today, she kept rubbing her nose while whimpering, so i put a little vaseline in her nose and around it, and she didn't whimper again.......yaaaaay vaseline!

If your feet are prone to cracks, exfoliate underneath them using a stone pumice while bathing, then moisturize them generously. Also, wear socks to bed...they keep your feet warm and moist and make it easier to apply moisturizer on them.

Always keep a hand cream handy for moisturizing your hands so that they don't dry out.

Finally, if you have sensitive eyes, they they would be prone to redness and itchiness. Use non-medicated or saline eyedrops to refresh eye moisture when needed. It happens to me every year!

Glad i could help...this is how i maintain my skin and stay sane in this weather.

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  1. I was saying yesterday that i needed a stone pumice. Omo see flaked feet! On the contrary, i love harmattan cos it does my skin well

  2. Oh my goodness... you just read my entire mind. I will post something on my bbm now, look out for it.I love this post.


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