Saturday, 6 December 2014

Blushes 'n Dimples Accessories

Hello beauties……
How’s your day been? Good i hope.
I’ve been working on something for a while now, and i think it’s time to share with you all what i’ve been up to.
Here’s introducing Blushes ‘n Dimples Accessories! Yup….ya heard me right……Accessories.
So in addition to my Makeup school/studio and my blog, i also make neck pieces….lovely ones too if i might add.
First of all, let me show you some of them….
*Drum rolls*

Meet 'UGONMA', she comes in different colours, but this one is a beautiful purple and gold piece. All the beads are intricately woven together to create this beauty.


A closer look

Her earrings

Meet 'ADANMA', She comes in different colours, and has a detachable brooch. You can take off the brooch on days you just want her plain.

10-Layered Adanma

A closer look at her earrings
A blue 8-Layered Adanma

'Adanma' comes in as many layers as you want.....5-20 layers precisely.

This is 'OLANMA'. She is really beautiful, and comes in 1-3 layers. I love her!

2-Layered Olanma in all her glory! looool!

Next, we have 'IFEOMA'.......the difference between 'Ifeoma' and 'Adanma' is the spacing between their layers. Some ladies like their layers spaced, while some don't. If you want yours spaced, go for 'Adanma', if you don't.....then 'Ifeoma' it is!

8-Layered Ifeoma. You need to see her physically....hmnnnn... If you want, you can go for a brooch on both sides.

Ifeoma's lovely earrings

Finally, meet 'NKEOMA', a classy beauty! You can wear her to work or to an event....she adds class to your outfit instantly! Oh, and she comes in colors too. Imagine this beauty in red, blue or yellow.

The beautiful thing about 'Nkeoma' is that you can tweak her to suit your style. If you want her twisted, then by all means twist away! If you want her to just lie there on your neck, then untwist her and flatten her on your chest. Also, if you want her plaited, just say so and i would plait her strands for you.

Now, you can order your neck pieces from Blushes ‘n Dimples accessories. If you like anyone of them, they can be customized to the colours and sizes you want, and they are really affordable too!
As i make more pieces and designs, they would be unveiled right here *yup, i make ‘em myself*. I have glamourous designs for weddings and other events, and i also have simple chic designs which you can wear to the office, and those you can wear with casual outfits.
To place your orders, contact us on…
Just mention the name of the design/piece you want and give the necessary details, your order would be ready for pick-up in a few days or would be delivered to you if you wish.
Again…..very affordable *winks*
Besos dears!

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  1. These are totally beautiful!!!! I will call you tomorrow.
    I like Olanma!

  2. Wow! Ugonma is such a beauty, i would like to have her in red. I love Nkeoma too.

  3. Awww all beautiful and I like how you named them... beautiful names too. lovely.

  4. Oga is definitely the master, Nazor nwa, these are beautiful.. no.. they are gorgeous!..
    More engine oil to your elbows!

  5. Oga is definitely the master, Nazor nwa, these are beautiful.. no.. they are gorgeous!..
    More engine oil to your elbows!

  6. Dey r rili adorable,nd I like d fact dat dey come wit names, dats unique. Well done!

  7. Nazo nwa! Biko i love me some NKEOMA but with a normal stud earring without the gold part.

  8. Really beautiful pieces..Congratulations!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Way to go hun. Amazing pieces, me likeeeee. Nkeoma is making my heart beat gbamgbam. :)

  11. Well done! I keep going back to look at the Ugonma. She is my favourite piece! So regal and stunning. Love love love the colours too.

  12. Been a while I visited. My dear Nazor. can't you use one of these as giveaway? Bikonu! *Hahahahahah*

    1. Somebody should bring cane lerrus flog this girl!
      We gave Nkeoma away na!


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