Friday, 5 December 2014

EVENT| Pre-launch edition of the Beauty Press Series

Good evening lovelies…….
How have you all been?
So i was invited to the Pre-launch edition of the Beauty Press Series, organized by POPs Concepts. Yesterday was the event, and i'm glad i attended with my handbag (Zuri) in tow.
First of all, ‘What is the Beauty Press Series ?’ You ask.
Okay, the Beauty Press Series (BPS) is a platform for beauty and lifestyle bloggers, vloggers, editors and industry influencers to meet with beauty brands and companies to network and establish a connection. It is a ‘Press only’ beauty products showcase featuring brands and providing a one-on-one opportunity to get to meet brands and those behind the brands and companies.
Yesterday, we got to meet the people behind ‘Gifty’s Daughter studios’ and ‘The Makeup Maven’. Also, a representative of Sleek studios also introduces some of their new skincare products to us *by the way, we were given skincare sets to use and review…..i can't wait!*
So Brands and Companies who want to launch new products and services gets to share first-hand information straight to the beauty press audience *I totally looove my job!*
Funke of Gifty’s Daughter, Ada from Sleek Studios and Linda of Makeup Maven talked to us and also gave us goody bags *goody bags are the best!* There’s this wonderful feeling associated with getting freebies, even if it’s something you can very well afford……that feeling is sweeter than ice-cream! *loool!*
Oya ooooo! Eeeeees picture time!

Look at her! She didn't even let me put her down yesterday. Chei! I've told her that henceforth, she shall not go whereever i go....rather, she shall sit her miniature behind at home. It haff do!

What manner of device is this? Can i taste it please Aunty Funke?

Omolola of POPs Concepts

Doyin of 'Chloe's Makeovers' doing her presentation

Funke of Gifty's Daughter

Linda of Makeup Maven

My goody bags

I couldn’t get good pictures because my ‘lil madam wouldn’t allow me….she was so cranky and fretty. Anyway, there will be more BPS editions, and i plan to attend everyone of them as long as i'm invited.
Oh, and remember that the 2nd edition of the Christmas Beauty A’fair is this Sunday at the Anchor Events Place Ikeja. Please plan to attend….it’s FREE!
Besos dears.

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  1. My comment was published? Which one biko?
    Zuri is all grown, seem like you've lost some weight.
    I want one goody bag ooooo. Chai!

  2. Gosh you MUAs get the best goodybags! so jealous! :)


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