Tuesday, 2 December 2014

'Fix-It!' | M.A.C gel eyeliner in 'Blacktrack'.

OMG! I’ve missed blogging so much!
‘Over-busyness’ is worrying me these days. Zuri got baptized and dedicated over the weekend, and i thank God that it was a huge success.
But first of all, let me wish you all a happy new month! Welcome to my favourite month of the year!! *September is my birth month, but it’s not my favourite month …. Who likes getting older?*. So why is December my best month of all? Let me count the ways..
§  It has this special aura about it *the festivities and all what-nots*.
§  Hamattarn! *I have this love-hate relationship with the weather*
§  I love Dec 31st nights…..11:59pm is just magical!
§  People travel to their villages and Lagos roads becomes so freeeeee!
§  There is always a lot to eat and drink.
§  I love the Christmas carols… my favourites are “Oh little town of bethlehem”, “Once in royal David’s city, stood a lowly cattle shed"
Photo credit : Galleryhip.com

I remember when my i and my siblings were little, we used to travel to Awka every Christmas, and the anticipation and excitement no be here….chei! The whole family used to travel *including the dogs ooo!*, and the road-trips were always fun! While at the village, visitors used to troop in always, and my mum always had food ready. Some guests used to ‘dash’ us money too!
Oh......and the decorations! How could i forget the decorations?!
Every 26th we used to go to my mum’s village (Nibo) to celebrate Nibo day. My grandmum always had this delicious stew and onugbu soup ready for us *Just a few days ago, i was craving that special stew*. There were always all sorts of masquerades parading the streets with their tiny bells jingling. I remember the black one with a brown raffia skirt around its waist. I also remember the one they call ‘Adanma’…..that one dances like a lady.
Every 12am on Dec 31st/Jan 1st, my dad will go to the balcony and shoot his gun to usher in the new year. I really miss my childhood Christmas, i have so many beautiful memories……so many, and i wouldn’t trade those memories for anything in the world! I’m going to try my best to create beautiful memories for my kids too, memories they would recall in the future and smile fondly. Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

But….errrrrrrr…….this is ackshually a ‘Fix- it!’ post ooooo! *Hides face in shame* . What shall we fix today?

Dried out pot of gel eyeliner

The last time, i mentioned trying to fix my M.A.C gel liner in ‘Blacktrack’. I thought Visine would work like it did for my mascara, but i tried it and it failed woefully! When i squeezed in the visine and tried mixing it with the gel liner, it just would not mix. The water stayed separate from the black eyeliner *it is oil-based*.
Well, i just kept it aside, and some days ago, i eventually figured out how to ‘Fix- it!’. This time, i decided to try and use oil since the gel liner was oil-based.
Alrighty then….let’s get right to it….

All i needed was my small bottle of oil, My dried out pot of gel eyeliner, and a spoolie for mixing.

I grabbed my small bottle of Neutrogena oil and added a small quantity.

Mixing it with the end of my spoolie stick

I tried to mix it, and behold! Eeeeeet werked! *Does a ‘lil dance*

I mixed it completely, and it became as good as new!

A swatch of my revived gel eyeliner

I don’t know if all gel eyeliners are oil-based (i have only used two……M.A.C ‘blacktrack’ and Zaron ‘Jazz’), but i think that if there are any water-based ones, visine might work for them. But if they are oil-based like M.A.C, then you should prolly use oil like i did here.
I do hope that this post was useful……..stop tossing and start fixing!


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  1. Hmmmmm, Christmas has this nostalgic feeling and its worse now that we are grown and don't get to travel every Christmas. Thanks to "Olu Oyibo"

  2. December my birth month yay.....I hav 2 com 4 dat makeover ooooo....I must to fine lol

  3. I looove harmattan.my best season of the year.and every new year's eve I'm so thankful n grateful dat I always cry.my wet n wild gel liner is dried up,what I do is throw it into a kettle of hot water n it's all soft and creamy again (for d next 1 week tho)

    1. Seriously? Hot water? And it works? 1 week is short sha.

  4. I wish I had like your Christmas o. Christmas has always been boring for me...I dunno why. The only thing I like about it is the weather....dasalll... thanks for the fix-it tip.


    1. Awwww! you can make it fun. Create your own christmas traditions, they'll give you something to look forward to every christmas.

  5. I love December too cos of The Holidays and goodies and the air is always different.
    Great Fix it tip.

    1. That christmas aura and cool weather.

  6. WAaaaooooo madam u have said it all

  7. December has become my favorite month, its my son's and hubby's birth month,can't wait for his first birthday.;)btw dear great fix.*bbmthumbsup*


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