Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Q & A Series | How do i get to draw natural-looking eyebrows?

Good morning Dolls......

In today's Q & A Series, i'll be answering a question which i get asked very frequently.

Hello Nazor

Pls how do you get your brows to look so natural? I read your brows pictorial, and then i tried to draw mine, but i always end up getting dark brows that don't look natural. Pls how do you do it? What brow pencil do you use? Btw, i'm totally addicted to your blog, you are doing an amazing job!


And then i got this via BBM.....

"I'm trying to achieve the look that your own eyebrows have in the 'Office look' pictorials. Maybe i'm doing something wrong cos yours looks so natural and mine looks pasted. Your eyebrows look sooooo natural! I wish i could just do a cut and paste job mehn!"

Funmi O.


Lemme see......

Ladies, when it comes to my brows, i must tell you this first of all......When i started out on this makeup journey, my brows never looked anything near natural.....at all! They got this way as a result of constant practice.

When i started drawing my brows in the beginning, i always used a heavy hand to draw the pencil strokes *One of the very things i was doing wrong*. I didn't know then that using a heavy hand would give me dark-looking and smudgy brows.

You know when you do something over and over again, you get so fluid at it that you figure out even better ways of doing it. Same thing applies to your eyebrows. When you constantly practice drawing your brows, at a point you will get the hang of it and figure out a way of making them look better than they used to look. I practiced till i discovered that using lighter strokes gave me better-looking brows, so i stuck to that.

Also, the pencils you use matters a lot. Some brow pencils have waxy textures that seem to melt and make your brows look like they were painted on. Some have one kain dry, dragging feeling like that...almost chalky *I dunno what word to use again.*. You should get a pencil that glides on easily, but it shouldn't be too dry or too waxy either.

So what pencils do i use?

Errrrrm.....I use the cheap kinds oooooo!

I use MAC pencils the fake N100 kind... *I haven't bought 'spiked' or 'stud' yet*
Jordana pencil in 'Dark brown'
Tara pencil in 'Dark brown'
Dimples pencil in 'Dark brown'

My famous MAC 'wanna-be' pencil......N100 pere!

My Jordana pencils in Brown and Dark brown

Dimples pencil. I've used them a lot, so they're  lot shorter.

For some reason, i don't like to use the Davis pencils or the Airwoman pencils. Well, mostly because Airwoman is waxy, and they have those annoying numbers like 018, 003, etc.

I haven't also used any gel brow filler. There's a lot of rave right now about Hegai & Esther brow filler, but i don't have it. I planned to buy one at the Christmas beauty A'fair, but that didn't work out. I will still buy it though when the spirit moves me. I also plan to buy Mabrook pencils, but from where kwanu? No idea.

If you want natural-looking eyebrows, always make sure that your pencils are sharp and not blunt. Sharp pencils will give you a light, precise look, while blunt ones will give you a dark and smudgy look. Which shall it be? You choose.

Finally, i fill in my brows using light strokes still. Also, not only do i use light strokes, but i also take care not to fill in the whole brows completely. Rather, what i do is that i only fill in the sparse-looking areas where i don't really have brow hairs. If i fill in the whole brows area, of course i would end up with really dark brows.

So, if you have a lot of brow hairs, just fill in the areas that are sparse.

So the key points are.....

  1. Use very sharp pencils
  2. Use light strokes
  3. Fill sparsely.

So there! Natural-looking brows!

Practice this as often as you can i beg thee! That is the only way you can get it right you hear?

Try this out and let me know the out come. I'm always glad to help in any way that i can.

Besos dears.

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  1. Thanks a lot, my Brow game has improve, so we use the same kind of MAC pencil? Heheheheh, stop calling it wanna be o, that pencil is the truth jare.
    If I get someone good at shaping to shape my brows for me lining them and filling it is always easy.
    Compliments of the Season.
    Watching night haff land ooo. Did you travel to the East?

    1. Nne, i did not travel oooo! I still dey Lagos.
      So you use our MAC too? Loool!

  2. Kaiiiii you are such a good teacher!

  3. Wow!. Thanks. I ve learnt something here. hehe!

  4. I need to get me those MAC pencils asap! Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!


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