Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Show 'n Tell | My goody bags

My people, how una dey?
So today, i was going through my goody bags *huge grin*. By the way, all of you that have been pinging me and telling me how there's love in sharing, who are you people again? Loooolz! When it comes to makeup, i know noborrry! Ok, don’t worry…..my Christmas giveaway is loading…….e fit be you ooo!
Mehn! I was so impressed by the contents of those bags. The gifty’s Daughter’s bag blew me away with the Sam Fine eyeshadow palette they included. I was pleased with the pencils in the Makeup Maven bag. Then the Sleek signature series skincare kit ehn……No words!

By the way, i so much love the polka dot design and colors on that gift bag

I would review some of these goodies here of course! I have already reviewed some products in the skincare kit when they were sent to me last year, so i’ll just review the ones they didn’t include that time.
I’m so sorry i couldn’t attend the Christmas Beauty A’fair on sunday….i was toooo busy, plus i wasn’t really feeling well. I’ll see if i can get some pictures to share with you all.
I've been soooo busy these days, i don't even have any free time at all! I'm either teaching at the makeup school, making beads, blogging or chasing the kids around and running errands. I don't even have time to watch cartoons again! *wails*
I miss those days when i used to have a lot of free time after makeup classes. Then i could laze around, watch movie or read a book.....but beloved, those days are gone! *wails louder*
The hustling is veeeery real!
Anyway, please stay tuned for the giveaway coming soon.
Besos dears…. I'm knackered.

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  1. ehyah...it can only get better, so don't look backwards, enjoy this time cuz it will soon roll away.
    i'm waiting for my special christmas package..
    how's lil Baby??

  2. I hope I win ur giveaway dis tym oo

  3. YAAY!! Xmas haff smell and reach this blog.

  4. Hope I get out of ds christmas package o,wuld soooo luv it!

  5. The polka dots bag reminds of your studio!

  6. i pray i wud benefit 4rm xmas giveaway Ooº°˚ ˚°º cant wait!

  7. Nice concept. I hope I win 4rm the xmas giveaway. Waiting in anticipation.


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