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The Elect Cambodian hair | Install and review

Hey all......

I'm here to show you guys my new hairdo. These 'Curly beauties' arrived to me a few weeks ago, The hairs were delivered to me direct from Cambodia.

It's natural curly hair  from The Elect Cambodian Hair company. This hair is so so soooooo gorgeous!!

I got the Curly Pattern #2 in lengths 14 inches and 16 inches. Here's a photo of my 2 bundles......along with it also came a hair care guide and their company card.

I'm totally loving these big curls. I saw tighter curly hairs on their website i.e curly pattern #5 and also #6, but as for me, this curly #2 i like a lot!

The Elect Cambodian Hair Company is based in Cambodia, so you know this hair is straight from the original source. Very impressive i must least, i'm very rest assured of its genuine quality.
I read beautiful reviews from other people that have bought their hairs: both on their website and their facebook page. I also saw a youtube video of a lady in the United States, talking excitedly about the Elect Cambodian hair she purchased *i'll put the links below*.

As for me, i'm totally impressed with the hair quality. The hair has beautiful curls *i love curly hair*, and it's very full. From the day i got it installed up till today, i get frequent compliments on the hair.

Believe me, as lovely as these pictures are, they don't do this hair justice. Just take a second look at how full these hairs are. I actually thought i would need 3 bundles, but all i used is 2 .....that is 200grams. Each one weighs 100grams *but i'm sure that for straight hair, i would need up to 3 bundles*.

This hair is easy maintenance, i just follow the 'Hair care guide' that came with the hair......indeed, i found these tips very helpful.....the result is fabulous! It makes my hair look brand new each day.

All that's needed are.....

-A spray bottle
-Leave-in conditioner
-Olive oil

The hair care guide

Leave-in conditioner, Olive oil and spray bottle full of water

My wide-toothed comb


Mix in your spray bottle, ONE handful of LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER, and just a FEW drops of OIL, then add WATER to fill up the bottle........shake well.

Comb the hair out using a wide-toothed comb. IMPORTANT... Start combing from the bottom and then proceed to the top of the head.

Spray a sufficient amount of the mixture all over the hair. I comb again the same way *my comb just runs smoothly through the hair*.

Next, i scrunch the hair upwards for just a minute....this act helps to define the natural curl pattern of the hair.

Combing out the hair starting from the bottom

Spraying the hair with the contents of my spray bottle while my teary-eyed 'lil rainbow watches

Now, the hair is well-saturated, but not very wet.

Scrunching hair upwards to define the natural curls pattern.

After about 30 minutes outside the house, the hair is properly is what it looks like

Look how shiny, black and curly it is! I loveeeeeeeeeet!

Those beautiful natural curls, bouncy!!!

(Even though the hair care guide says 'Daily routine', some mornings, i'm in such a hurry to rush out the door, so i end up doing this routine like once in 2 or 3 days, and the results are still as fabulous!).


Now, this is another important something ooooo! I don't just throw my head down on the pillow and sleep off. I try as much as i can to attend to my hair. So, i just briefly comb out the hair, *always starting from the bottom to the top*

Next, i braid/twist the hair *2 braids or twists......1 on my lazy nights*.

Then, i cover the hair with a satin cap.

I really, really love this hair, and i recommend it to people who love beautiful, natural curls like i do. The owner of the company is on facebook, her facebook name is : Ijeoma Obi phnom penh.


The youtube video i talked about :

The reviews i saw on their website :

Phone : +855 99 714 680

Whatsapp : +85512247735

Besos Chicas!
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  1. not bad looking.maybe if it had a lace closure it will look more beautiful than it does.

  2. Nice hair dear
    You look pretty
    New post now on blog, kindly check it out

  3. Its gorgeous....I luv it bouncy look.

  4. Thanks for the enlightenment. I love curls too. How much does it cost?

    1. This particular hair costs approximately $250....the value is totally worth it.

  5. Nazor. Please do you have makeup classes? Been asking this question on your blog since last year. Unfortunately I never see the comment or even an anwer.

    1. Seriously? I see comments asking about makeup classes, and i reply. Sorry dear.
      I have makeup classes. please send me an email on so that i can send you the training packages.

  6. Beautiful, I love curly/Baby hair, especially those ones that require just water or shampoo to maintain

  7. Zuri just had to be in the mix! as a Superstar. LOL
    The hair is gorgeous too

  8. o m g. i love dis. i am a sucker for beautiful hair
    have u visited dis awesome blog? please do.OPUSTJKWRITES !!!!

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