Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Juliet's training in pictures

Hullo beauties..............

Ok, i thought this was worth sharing.

Late last year, Juliet contacted me because she wanted personal makeup training  *yes, i do that too*. Her main concern was her eyebrows...she thought she would never get them right. Infact, those were her very words.

What did i say? I just told her first of all that she needed to change her mindset. Then i assured her that by the time i was through with her, she WOULD get them right. She signed up and we began.

Her training lasted 2 weeks *3 classes per week*, and by the 4th class, she could do a great job all by herself!

What am i even talking? I haff proof! See for yasef.....

And she said she would never get them right!

Follow me see oooo!

These pictures were taken with my pardon the blur

At the end of her training, she was very well pleased with her new brow-drawing skills. I have resolved to start taking pictures of my students first attempt at makeup or brows on their very first day of training, so that when they are done, we can compare and see how far they come and how well they do. I don't know why i haven't been doing that since.

So if you have the same mindset Juliet used to have, you garra change it....yes you CAN get your brows right if you put your mind to it.

Oh and please this is for the commenter who has been asking me if i do makeup training, i have been replying your comments but i don't know if you haven't been seeing them. I do makeup trainings so please contact me on so that i can send you the full information on the packages that we offer.

Besos dears..

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  1. Nice post
    Good to know she ended up getting it right.
    New blog post

  2. my eyebrows need work too. most days i just go witout makeup, dan go d whole ten miles. rotfl.
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  3. Impressive. I'm guilty of having that same mindset as well. i hereby repent. :)

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