Saturday, 28 February 2015

PICTORIAL | Full or small choose.

Good evening dears

Hope you are all doing good.

Sometime ago, one of my BBM contacts asked me about how to apply lipstick to make the lips fuller or smaller *i can't remember her question clearly, and i can't remember who asked either.....sorry...but i clearly remember telling her that she had inspired me to do a pictorial on the blog for others who want to learn how to work with their lips too*.

So i finally got around to do the was rather rushed, but you would still get it.

First, i'll show you how to create smaller lips.....

To create smaller lips, first line your lips with a pencil. When lining, please be sure to draw just inside the natural outline of your lips *we all have that outline*.

Do you see the natural outline? See how i drew the liner just inside that outline

Next, fill in the lips, making sure to fill just inside the outline you drew with your pencil

After that, sculpt around the lips with you foundation or concealer to give the effect of neater, sharper lips.....Make sure to apply the concealer/foundation on your natural outline too.

I used foundation.
 Voila! Smaller lips! See how it looks neater after foundation was used.

Now, on to the next one.....fuller lips! Wait, does anyone actually want full lips? I know i don't.

Anyway, to make your lips appear fuller, you should draw your lip liner pencil ON your natural lip outline.

See the pencil gliding over the outline

Done with the liner

Next, fill in the lips with the lip liner

After that, Apply your lipstick or lipgloss all over, then use your concealer or foundation to define the lips careful not to clean off the lip's just like sculpting your brows.

Fuller thank you!

Ok class.....we're done! Let's do this again.

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  2. I'l definitly want smaller lips,so I'l try d 1st.....Tnx dear!

  3. Nice trick.. my lips are just ok, not too full or small, so I shouldn't draw an outline at all?

    1. Oh, you still need to draw an outline....the lip liner pencil holds your lipstick in place and prevents it from bleeding.

  4. Oh no! Chinazor u didn't say in the happy days of WC that u had a blog! How come I get to see it whilst check Ng nominated blogs . Sad much

  5. Awwwwwwww! Seriously?
    I thought everyone knew oooo! Aunt Eya used to link some posts to mine that time.
    Pls no vex.....i'm glad you're here though.


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