Friday, 27 March 2015

B 'n D Makeover | Very plum

Hullo Dolls.....

Like the last look i talked about, this look almost didn't make it to the blog. Why? Well, 'cos i wasn't feeling it at all! I did this look on sunday, but i've  been stalling.

The look was inspired by a plum look i saw on a facebook page called 'Makeup lessons'......actually, it came out well, but i just.............

The lips was supposed to be created using a deep plum lipstick around the lips and then a lighter purple for the inner-part, but i didn't have a deep plum lipstick, so i had to improvise. So here's what i did....

Monday, 23 March 2015

The Nigerian Blog Awards | Please vote Blushes 'n Dimples blog as the best beauty blog.

Hey babes!

We made it!..... *Whoop-whoop!*.

We've been nominated again in the Nigerian Blog Awards, in the category of the 'Best beauty blog'. We made it in we are again.

Thank you so much for nominating my blog again this year.....You all are far too kind!

Now, i need your votes.....Here's what to do :

Sunday, 15 March 2015

3 Things blogging has taught me

Hello Ladies.....

I had a very lazy saturday over here yesterday. Infact, it was one of those days when i don't even go downstairs talkless of driving out. *covers face*. I tried doing a look, it was perfect, but it won't make it to the blog *Pls don't ask me why*

Oh, and the mango season is here again! I'm so happy because i'm an incurable mango-lover. Such a sweet, juicy and succulent fruit. Last year, i ate quite a lot of it around the time i gave birth. Sometimes, it would be all i ate in a day....morning, afternoon, night! By the way, i can't believe its a year already .....Zuri turns one next month.

Someone told me mangoes are fattening...i don't know how true that is, but hey, who cares? I told my friend Uju, and she said even air is fattening *can't stop laughing at that*. Last year, i remember going to Agboju market as usual to buy mangoes and i couldn't find any......meanwhile, i just bought some the previous day ooooo! I asked the mango seller where all the mangoes were, and she said "Mango don finish na!" . It was like rapture. I said "But i saw mango here yesterday" and she replied "Yes, but the season don go na!". Chai! just like that! Now it's back! I will show no mercy! *evil grin*

So, Chloe tagged me to do a post telling everyone 3 things that blogging has taught me. Thank you Chloe for tagging me.....this will be fun.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW | Hegai & Esther eyebrow definer

Hello my dears......

You good?

If you are a makeup lover, then i'm certain that you have heard about the Hegai & Esther brow gel.

WHAT?! You haven't? Adonbilivit.

This brow gel has been rocking the Nigerian beauty world for some months now, and it's by the Hegai & Esther brand. H&E is proudly a Nigerian brand *Whoop-whoop!*. So, after reading and hearing about the product for months, i finally decided to get one.

See ehn, i'm the kind of person that when something is being hyped a lot, i put off buying it for fear that i might buy it and be frightfully disappointed.....because after all the hype, i tend to expect too much of that thing, then when i get it, it might not meet up to my expectations *i really have to stop doing that*, and then the disappointment sets in. That's one of the reasons why i delayed so much in buying the product *humbly puts on latsma uniform and cap to match*. Thankfully, that was not the case with this brow gel......faaaaaar from it! Rather, i'm in total awe!

Let's get on with the review...

Monday, 2 March 2015

Blushes 'n Dimples Accessories

Hullo Dolls.......

I think i've been able to find a balance between teaching makeup, running the studio, making beads, and blogging *although i think the blog is suffering more...oh well!*

Here are some new beads for sale...

You've met 'Ugonma'.....this is her elder sister cos she's longer and has more layers. This one's sold, but you can order her in any colour you like. Are you thinking green? I am too!

She's so gorgeous i wanna cry! *looool!* After i made her, i would set her on the neck and just stare at her.