Sunday, 15 March 2015

3 Things blogging has taught me

Hello Ladies.....

I had a very lazy saturday over here yesterday. Infact, it was one of those days when i don't even go downstairs talkless of driving out. *covers face*. I tried doing a look, it was perfect, but it won't make it to the blog *Pls don't ask me why*

Oh, and the mango season is here again! I'm so happy because i'm an incurable mango-lover. Such a sweet, juicy and succulent fruit. Last year, i ate quite a lot of it around the time i gave birth. Sometimes, it would be all i ate in a day....morning, afternoon, night! By the way, i can't believe its a year already .....Zuri turns one next month.

Someone told me mangoes are fattening...i don't know how true that is, but hey, who cares? I told my friend Uju, and she said even air is fattening *can't stop laughing at that*. Last year, i remember going to Agboju market as usual to buy mangoes and i couldn't find any......meanwhile, i just bought some the previous day ooooo! I asked the mango seller where all the mangoes were, and she said "Mango don finish na!" . It was like rapture. I said "But i saw mango here yesterday" and she replied "Yes, but the season don go na!". Chai! just like that! Now it's back! I will show no mercy! *evil grin*

So, Chloe tagged me to do a post telling everyone 3 things that blogging has taught me. Thank you Chloe for tagging me.....this will be fun.

I really love's not easy but i loveeeet! It requires dedication, else you would just give it up. I've mentioned before that this isn't my time of starting a blog. I've owned 2 blogs in the past, but they both died natural deaths before they even started *lol*. One was like an online diary (started it in 2006), and the other was an events-planning blog (same 2006....i ventured into events planning for a little while, interned for a bit with Zapphaire events). Finally in 2012 i started my beauty blog and here we are today. So what has blogging taught me?

Lesgo there......


I've learnt to be really patient....patient enough to answer all the questions i'm asked via email and BBM by my blog readers. People always have lots and lots of questions....sometimes, i get to answer one question over and over again, and blogging has taught me to be patient through it all.


Blogging has taught me to be very thorough and to pay attention to even the tiniest of details. I used to be some sort of a perfectionist, and blogging has made it worse! The font has to be the right size and the right color, the pictures have to be perfect and have the right background, everything has to be in place. Blogging has made me more thorough. If you follow my blog religiously, you might notice that one minute, a post is up, the next minute it's disappeared, then it's up minutes later.....*loool*. Your mind hasn't been playing tricks on you all that while, i actually put up a post, when  read it and notice that something isn't quite right, i take down the post, correct the issue *even if it means typing from the very beginning*, and then up it goes again.


As a blogger, *especially if your blog isn't a gossip or an entertainment blog* you need to be creative. You have to create content for your blog to make it different. No copy and paste in beauty blogging *except if you are a lazy blogger* you can't copy someone else word for word. Blogging has taught me to be creative with my pictures, my words and everything! I have to keep my readers entertained and engaged. It can't be the same with what other bloggers post. Even if it's the same topic or a similar post, it has to be somehow ought to make it different. Blogging has taught me that.

I love blogging, and by God's grace, i'll be doing this for a long time. I hope you'll stick with me.

And so i tag Olumakeovers, Buki, and Beautygeek.

To all the mothers reading this, Happy mothers are the real heroes!


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  1. I agree with you about creativity and thoroughness..... and thanks to blogger admin profile that enables one to take down a post and edit (i do that a lot too)
    With topical blogs like ours, it is hard to copy and paste someone's article. you have to create your own!

    1. I knew it! I knew there was another word asides from creativeness....its creativity! I racked my brain for that word ehn! Sometimes, even the simplest things elude you.

      Yes , you have to create your own....only the lazy ones copy word for word.

  2. God's Grace abides with you! And so you'll be doing this for a looking time and we'll still be here cheering you up. Kudos babes

  3. Oh well,even if i add weight eating mangoes i would be fulfilled...moderation is the word!.

  4. Good write up.


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