Monday, 2 March 2015

Blushes 'n Dimples Accessories

Hullo Dolls.......

I think i've been able to find a balance between teaching makeup, running the studio, making beads, and blogging *although i think the blog is suffering more...oh well!*

Here are some new beads for sale...

You've met 'Ugonma'.....this is her elder sister cos she's longer and has more layers. This one's sold, but you can order her in any colour you like. Are you thinking green? I am too!

She's so gorgeous i wanna cry! *looool!* After i made her, i would set her on the neck and just stare at her.

Next, 'Ugonma' meets 'Nkeoma'......this is a cross between the 2 designs. Her name is 'Adumaradan', and she's a head-turner any day, anytime!


This baby's name is 'Amaka'...she comes from the same family as 'Ifeoma' and 'Adanma'. Errrrrrrrr......i dunno what to call this shade of purple, but it's gorgeous. Do you have a different color in mind? Ping, call, whatsapp or email me!


Remember 'Ewaoluwa'? She comes in red and gold too. This one's also taken, but we'll gladly make her for you too. We're working on an order.....a purple and gold one.


AAAAAAAAAH! This beauty is called 'Agbonma'. She's made of carefully woven balls *80 of 'em!*. She sits and shines so gracefully on the neck 'cos she's made of crystal beads. 'Agbonma' comes with matching earrings and a bracelet.

Agbonma nwa baby!

This one's called 'Omalicha'.......for some reason, i just love her. Maybe because she's simple in a graceful way. There's something about the way she sits on the neck and hangs so beautifully. 'Omalicha' is made of tiny sand/seed beads, and she comes with a matching bracelet and earrings. She's taken too, and she also comes in blue.

'Omalicha' cream/off-white

'Omalicha' royal blue

The prices of these beads are given on request, so if any of them catches your eye, call or whatsapp on :


Add 27520BFD


Besos dears!
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  1. Wow! they are so beautiful!
    I love it all...

  2. Thank you Dimple, thank you Nuvi.

  3. Nne, u forgot...'and being a mum!' That's a full time job too. Keep up your good work.

  4. They are all so beautiful!! You introduced these beauties so lovingly. I really should sit up!! Had a couple of jewellery making courses recently but havent yet gotten any beads to start practising. Looks like procrastination is my middle name. No more slacking......

    Congratulations on your NBA nomination. I was curious and came over to have a look....


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