Wednesday, 11 March 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW | Hegai & Esther eyebrow definer

Hello my dears......

You good?

If you are a makeup lover, then i'm certain that you have heard about the Hegai & Esther brow gel.

WHAT?! You haven't? Adonbilivit.

This brow gel has been rocking the Nigerian beauty world for some months now, and it's by the Hegai & Esther brand. H&E is proudly a Nigerian brand *Whoop-whoop!*. So, after reading and hearing about the product for months, i finally decided to get one.

See ehn, i'm the kind of person that when something is being hyped a lot, i put off buying it for fear that i might buy it and be frightfully disappointed.....because after all the hype, i tend to expect too much of that thing, then when i get it, it might not meet up to my expectations *i really have to stop doing that*, and then the disappointment sets in. That's one of the reasons why i delayed so much in buying the product *humbly puts on latsma uniform and cap to match*. Thankfully, that was not the case with this brow gel......faaaaaar from it! Rather, i'm in total awe!

Let's get on with the review...

The product comes in a small plastic jar like most gel products do, and in the small box, there is an applicator for applying the brow gel.

The gel looks light brown in the jar but once you break the surface and it's applied and dried, it turns to a dark brown that is ideal for almost all skin shades.

Hegai & Esther says:

"H&E eyebrow definer glides smoothly on the eyebrow giving a vibrant satin finish. It's waterproof, smudge-proof and safe to use on the waterline. Use brush to pick and apply."

Now, let's go over all these qualities one by one.....

*Does it indeed glide on the eyebrow?* Yes, it does! The gel has a very creamy and smooth texture. It applies very easily too! I've never used a brow gel....another reason why i didn't buy this gel a long time ago was that i didn't know how i would manage to work with a gel product. Infact, i was so used to pencils that i felt the gel wouldn't work out well. But the very first time i tried it out at 'Little extras' beauty shop in Festac, all my fears were allayed, and i knew i had to get it. The gel glided on very smoothly and easily, and the 'lil applicator brush was easy to handle too.

*Does it give a vibrant satin finish?* Yes, it does! After the gel dries on your brows, the color comes out better, and it looks 'satiny' *if there's a word like that...lool*. It's not too 'satiny' that it looks shiny oooo! It's just right.

*Is it water-proof?* Yes, it absolutely is! See, after it had dried on my hand, i tried washing it off with just water.... it didn't budge. I went ahead and cleaned the bathroom with lots of water, it still didn't wash off.I even tried washing it off with soap......but it just washed off a little. So don't worry, your defined eyebrows won't wash off in the rain.

After i had washed the bathroom, this was what it looked like

*Is it smudge-proof?* Ah! Yes, it is.....and i'm so glad. I'm tired of having my eyebrow pencil smudge and rub off a little while i'm tying gele on my head, or while i'm trying to take pictures with my eye pressed on the camera, or even when i mistakenly touch my face. No matter how hard i tried to smudge it off my hand, it wasn't going nowhere!

After i washed it with soap, it looked like this

*Is it safe to use on the waterline?* Well, i haven't tried that, but i will.

Until recently, the H&E brow gel came in only one shade...'Nubia'. Now it also comes in the shade called 'Ebony' which is darker than 'Nubia'. Believe me, this is one product you will not regret buying.


You can also buy from any good beauty store
Quite a number of makeup artistes sell it too....

You can also buy from online beauty stores



Will i buy it again? Definately!

Oh, and by the way....2149 5248 5853......Dazzall.

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  1. Who beat me to it? Aren't you supposed to be sleeping??

  2. I got it!Whoop whoop! More fix it and pictorials please

  3. Kai, some people don't sleep at all o, choi! But daris God o! I am buying this no matter what the devil may do! Thanks for this wonderful review. Nne e ga di o!

  4. Kai, some people don't sleep at all o, choi! But daris God o! I am buying this no matter what the devil may do! Thanks for this wonderful review. Nne e ga di o!

  5. Nice one, dear. I'm glad you finally got to buying it. Ab absolutely great product! For H&E brow gel and other great beauty products, check us out @ LITTLE EXTRAS Beauty Shop Festac Town. 08089535781

  6. yaaaaayyyy, and she got the brow gel train. I share the same feelings with you, before I used the h&e brow gel, it was always pencils for me, i didn't think I could do the gel on the brows. I tried it for the first time and I loved it.


  8. Please how do one know the right shade for their skin colour?

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