Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ella Posh Events Company

Hullo dears.......

Are you planning a wedding or any party for that matter? Get in here quick! I'll like for you to meet an events company....

So, if you are planning an event and you've been searching for an events company to do your venue designing, provide your souvenirs and plan your event, search no more.....

Meet 'Ella Posh events' !!!

"Ella posh is an Event planning,venue designing and souvenir company based in Lagos.

We are dedicated to our clients and their needs with our attention to details and awesome execution of projects in our care.Our drive is the clients satisfaction  and our core vision is to deliver Memorable events.

Our originality and creativity is at its A game!

We handle all sorts of events,ranging from weddings, themed parties, corporate events, kiddies parties and a host of others.

It could be a gathering for a few guests or even a thousand.....we can handle it."

When i attend an event, the first thing that catches my eye is the venue decor, and Ella Posh does beautiful venue designing.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Nina

Hello Dolls....

So i step out of blogsphere for a minute and step back in, and what do i see? 1,024,294 pageviews! Y'all are awesome people!

So, what's up with you? I'll tell you what's up with me....I've been teaching makeup, making and delivering beads and doing my usual home and school runs.

Yesterday, i was chased out of bed by a flying cockroach *they're the worst! I tell you!*. I was just about to say my morning prayers when i heard the unmistakable fluttering. I flicked on the light, and there it was fluttering away in one corner *eeeeew!*. I dashed out to get my Raid insecticide, and when i came back inside, it flew towards me, so i flung the can away and ran out again shrieking *such a sissy*. Eventually, i got someone else to kill it for me *she's a true warrior*. Thank God it was 5am. So i had my fill of sleep already. If it happened around 2am, there's no way i would have gone back to sleep.

By the way, we didn't win the Nigerian Blog Awards again this year *side-eyes*. Apparently, some people don't love the blog enough to vote for it *you are not my friends again!*. What happened?! Y'all were supposed to threaten ask people nicely to vote for our blog...but you didn't, so we didn't win *Ntoin!*.

Anyway, meet another member of my family.....cousin Nina!! Yaaaaay!. Nina came to visit after about a year or so, and i knew that there was no way she was leaving without sitting in my chair. Amidst gists and laughter we had a makeover done....good thing she came bare-faced.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

B 'n D Makeover | Blue jeans

Immediately i was done with this look, the first thought that came to my mind was 'Blue jeans'.

When i do some make-up looks, i start off with a picture of what i want it to look like in my mind, and then along the way, i change one or two things....and in rare cases, i just change everything *happens a lot....i swear down!*. Some looks don't even make it to the blog!

But this is one of the few looks i've started off doing with a particular picture in mind, and then i finished up looking exactly like that picture *looool!*.

Yeah-yeah, its smokey....i know! Y'all know how i like it. I paired it with nude lips, but while editing the pictures i couldn't help but imagine how gorgeous these eyes would have looked paired with rich red lips. Anyway, who ask me 'queshion'?

BEAUTY TALK | Mascara application

Hello babes....

I can't remember the last time i did a 'Beauty talk' post.. So yesterday, i came across some notes i made on 'Mascara' in one of my 'lil notebooks, and i thought it was worth sharing.

"We all know how to apply mascara na!" ,

Ya think?! You'll be amazed to know how many people have no clue about using mascara....even those who know how to use it might not know something i know......after all, i just learnt something new about mascara application late last year *huge grin*.

I was meant to do this post yesterday, but i got engrossed with watching the movie 'Empire' for the third time yet! Pardon me.....if you've watched the movie, you'll understand.

So, before applying your mascara, you might wanna comb out your lash hairs with a spoolie *a clean mascara wand*. Doing so would help you separate your lashes and unclump the lash hairs *especially those of you who have short, unruly lashes*.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

MISSING KIDS!!! Please be on the look-out and pray for these kids!

Good morning ladies....

Yesterday, i got a BC alerting us of the kidnap of three kids by a maid who just got employed. She took them out at 8am and never returned with them!

This broke me. The pain their mum is going through right now is profound!

These are the boys. I'm using my platform to reach out to people and implore you to please be on the look-out for these kids, and also to ask you to pray fervently for them. Nothing must happen to them. I deeply believe in God and in the power of prayers. If we all lift up our voices and pray *even if it's for one minute*, God will help us find these boys.

If you see them, please call:

08052062117  09098097935  08060184514

Let us pray........

"Lord we believe in you, and we know that when we call to you, you hear us and answer. With heavy hearts we pray for these boys, we ask that you should please keep them safe in your care. Where ever they may be, we ask that you should please cover them with your wings. Build an invisible wall of fire around these kids to protect them, and let not a hair on their heads be harmed.

We decree that their kidnappers would be caught and apprehended. No matter where they hide, heavenly father, cause them to be found! Set utmost confusion in their midst! Confuse their languages and set them against each other! 

We pray for the Orekoya family. Lord, please give them peace and assure them of your presence. Remind them that you are their ever-present help in time of need and that you will pull through for them in this trying period of their lives. AMEN"

Thanks for taking out time to pray....

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

PICTORIAL | The classic smokey eyes.


What have you been up to? Hope you've been good.

I haven't shown you all how to achieve a simple smokey look have i? I don't think i have. It occurred to me the other day at the bank as i stared at a cashier's makeup. Her idea of a smokey eye was just swiping on a layer or two of black eye shadow and that was it. As i looked at her face eyes, i had this urge to politely ask "Please can i help you blend your eye shadow?", but i didn't because i didn't want anyone to give me the 'evil eye' *grins*.

Why call it smokey eyes if they're not properly smoked out?! Hoin?

Y'all know how much i love the smokey look, and i think that if you must do it, then i pray it well. That's why i decided to do this pictorial, and even though that cashier might not be a visitor of this blog, i know that so many of you will learn from this pictorial, and for that reason....i'm glad.

Let's do this......

Now, this is a very, very, veeery easy pictorial, and all i used to achieve the smokey eyes are:

  • NYX jumbo pencil in 'Bean'
  • Sleek eye dust in 'Drama' *It's a loose, black eye shadow*
  • Blending brush
  • Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jazz' *used in my waterlines and on my upper lash line*

Brows are done

Monday, 6 April 2015

Blushes 'n Dimples Accessories

Hello beauties...... Been a while.

Hope you are all doing okay.

Pheeeeew! I'm so relieved that the presidential elections are over and done don't know how worried it made me......jeeez! I know i'm a worry wart, but the elections took it to a whole new level. The week before the elections, i stocked my house with everything we would need if we have to stay indoors for like a month *lool!* Apparently, i wasn't the only one who had such plans 'cos on the friday before the elections, the market was thronging with people! Stores were filled with people! DSTV office.....people everywhere! *I had to renew my subscription online*. Why do most Nigerians like last minute rush sef?

So, i would like to share more pictures from my Neck pieces collection......these accessories are my babies, and i name them because they are more than just accessories to me......they are my babies, and i craft them with love, prayers and care. I put so much effort into these babies, so i feel it's not just enough to make them and sell them, and so i give them names.....NATIVE names. Indigenous names.

But that's not all...

The names i give my pieces are not just any names, i don't just name for the sake of it, rather. the names have to fit perfectly like a glove *you get?*. I can't just finish off a piece and name her 'Agbonma'.....she HAS TO be an agbonma before i give her that name. I have to really look at her and make sure the name fits. My friends help me with native names and their meanings, then i have to make sure the names fits each accessory. So that's it! *grins*. That's how i do.

And so ladies, i'll like you to meet 'AYOMI'. She's made of broken corals and crystal beads, and she's a stunner.