Saturday, 11 April 2015

B 'n D Makeover | Blue jeans

Immediately i was done with this look, the first thought that came to my mind was 'Blue jeans'.

When i do some make-up looks, i start off with a picture of what i want it to look like in my mind, and then along the way, i change one or two things....and in rare cases, i just change everything *happens a lot....i swear down!*. Some looks don't even make it to the blog!

But this is one of the few looks i've started off doing with a particular picture in mind, and then i finished up looking exactly like that picture *looool!*.

Yeah-yeah, its smokey....i know! Y'all know how i like it. I paired it with nude lips, but while editing the pictures i couldn't help but imagine how gorgeous these eyes would have looked paired with rich red lips. Anyway, who ask me 'queshion'?

I love how the eyes turned out!
 I used 2 shades of blue to create this look. A light blue from my BH Cosmetics palette and a dark blue from my Sleek 'Bad girl' palette. And then i went ahead and smoked out a black shade over the blues.

Infact ehn..... over-editing is worrying this picture!

For the lips, i used Jordana lipliner in 'Hot cocoa' to line the lips, then i applied Flormar lipstick brown shade over it. Then i used Jordana 'Coco malt' lipstick in the inner part of the lips and blended away.

Alright, let me list the products out....



Hegai & Esther brow gel in 'Nubia'
L.A Pro Concealers in 'Toffee' & 'Beautiful bronze'


Mary kay foundations in 607 & 507
L.A Pro concealer in 'Toffee'
Sleek pressed powder in 'Tropical bronze'
Sleek contour kit in 'Dark'
Black radiance blush in 'Soft honey'
Tara bronzer in 'Dark'
Ben Nye banana powder


NYX eyeshadow base in 'Skin tone'
A light blue shade from the BH Cosmetics 4th edition palette
Dark blue shade from Sleek 'Bad girl' palette
Black eyeshadow from the sleek 'Bad girl' palette
Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jazz'


Jordana lipliner in 'Hot cocoa'
Flomar lipstick...the brown shade.
Jordana lipstick in 'Coco malt'

Have a good night Dolls...


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  1. Why u dey use two foundation please enlighten mua lolz

  2. absolutely gorgeous! i really love this look and yes it will pair nicely with the red lips too! keep up the good work

  3. My best look of you - Blue Jeans

  4. Whoop!whoop! Teach us thy way ohhh

  5. Love the colour combo of the eyes buh the lip colour is a no no for me....thumbs up!!!

  6. your love for smokey eyes know no bounds.. i love it with d nude lips, the red will be way too "baby oku"

  7. Lovely look - different from the usual dark themed smokey eyes..... Me likey..................

    Dig Deep and Challenge Yourself .............................

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  9. Hi Chinazor,I have a question concerning my make up.....whenever I apply foundation(liquid) and powder(loose) not in bronze n both mary kay o,I end up having oilly face after 1hr even when my friends use my make up it just like shine shine oil on their face. Pls what can I do to always achieve a flawless look without oilly face.


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