Saturday, 25 April 2015

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Nina

Hello Dolls....

So i step out of blogsphere for a minute and step back in, and what do i see? 1,024,294 pageviews! Y'all are awesome people!

So, what's up with you? I'll tell you what's up with me....I've been teaching makeup, making and delivering beads and doing my usual home and school runs.

Yesterday, i was chased out of bed by a flying cockroach *they're the worst! I tell you!*. I was just about to say my morning prayers when i heard the unmistakable fluttering. I flicked on the light, and there it was fluttering away in one corner *eeeeew!*. I dashed out to get my Raid insecticide, and when i came back inside, it flew towards me, so i flung the can away and ran out again shrieking *such a sissy*. Eventually, i got someone else to kill it for me *she's a true warrior*. Thank God it was 5am. So i had my fill of sleep already. If it happened around 2am, there's no way i would have gone back to sleep.

By the way, we didn't win the Nigerian Blog Awards again this year *side-eyes*. Apparently, some people don't love the blog enough to vote for it *you are not my friends again!*. What happened?! Y'all were supposed to threaten ask people nicely to vote for our blog...but you didn't, so we didn't win *Ntoin!*.

Anyway, meet another member of my family.....cousin Nina!! Yaaaaay!. Nina came to visit after about a year or so, and i knew that there was no way she was leaving without sitting in my chair. Amidst gists and laughter we had a makeover done....good thing she came bare-faced.

She had on this top which i loved...Dear Nina, next time you come visiting, please package that top and bring it with's now mine! *cheeky grin*. So the look was inspired by the top, and she looked really beautiful.

I fixed false lashes on her eyes......her very first time. and it accentuated her eyes.

After our makeover, it was selfie time with Auntie Nina. The kids really had fun, and till today, they still ask me when Aunty Nina will come visiting again.

Mish and Dindu....yep, Dindu is a Barca fan just like his daddy...looool!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my blog, i'm truly grateful. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, it means so much to me that you always come by .... even when there are no new posts. Thanks to all of you on my BBM who 'harrass' me for new posts. Don't worry, i'll always have something for you *huge grin*.

Y'all are the very best.....


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  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere. We love you and you know it.

    234 Jam Blog

  2. Yayyy!!! welcome back, i''ve been at the cockroach. i hate things that crawl


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