Saturday, 11 April 2015

BEAUTY TALK | Mascara application

Hello babes....

I can't remember the last time i did a 'Beauty talk' post.. So yesterday, i came across some notes i made on 'Mascara' in one of my 'lil notebooks, and i thought it was worth sharing.

"We all know how to apply mascara na!" ,

Ya think?! You'll be amazed to know how many people have no clue about using mascara....even those who know how to use it might not know something i know......after all, i just learnt something new about mascara application late last year *huge grin*.

I was meant to do this post yesterday, but i got engrossed with watching the movie 'Empire' for the third time yet! Pardon me.....if you've watched the movie, you'll understand.

So, before applying your mascara, you might wanna comb out your lash hairs with a spoolie *a clean mascara wand*. Doing so would help you separate your lashes and unclump the lash hairs *especially those of you who have short, unruly lashes*.

Then wriggle in the mascara wand in-between your lash hairs *using a zig-zag motion*, this helps you get the brush right to the roots of the lashes, then pull the brush out and away from your eyes *using a rolling motion*.

Allow it dry for about 15 seconds and go over them again. I do it 3 times each for longer lashes and more volume.

Next, if you like, you can apply mascara on your lower lashes. Do this using the tip of the wand, and apply the product on each lash individually.

For different looks, you can try different colors. Blue mascara gives a lovely effect on the eyes.....i need to buy me one of those. Purple and green looks good too!

You can also apply your regular black mascara on the full length of your lashes, and then use another color on the tips.

Oh, and like i always say, please refrain from pumping your mascara wand into the tube in a bid to get out more product......doing so would dry out your mascara faster, and then you'll have to 'Fix it!'

I absolutely love the Maybelline 'colossal mascara'. It's just perfect.....if only they could make the wand thinner though.

That's it babes.....


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  1. Hehehehehe! So you too watched it over and over? I repeated empire 2 times. That bundle is the definition of movie. Luscious, cookie, jamal, hakeem, bonkey, that movie is the bomb. Can't wait for season 2.

    Thanks for this mascara application tips. Now I have learnt something........

  2. yeah i agree with them making the maybelline wand thinner o,the thing can fat! for words.myself and my husband are chief watchers.

  3. I dont think this post is for me but I went along all the same with the flow. My eye lashes are virtually non existent!! I rely on fake eyelashes to achieve any 'long lashed' look..... *sigh*

    Dig Deep and Challenge Yourself

  4. Can we have a short video of this mascara training pls?Prosperous Ronke


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