Monday, 6 April 2015

Blushes 'n Dimples Accessories

Hello beauties...... Been a while.

Hope you are all doing okay.

Pheeeeew! I'm so relieved that the presidential elections are over and done don't know how worried it made me......jeeez! I know i'm a worry wart, but the elections took it to a whole new level. The week before the elections, i stocked my house with everything we would need if we have to stay indoors for like a month *lool!* Apparently, i wasn't the only one who had such plans 'cos on the friday before the elections, the market was thronging with people! Stores were filled with people! DSTV office.....people everywhere! *I had to renew my subscription online*. Why do most Nigerians like last minute rush sef?

So, i would like to share more pictures from my Neck pieces collection......these accessories are my babies, and i name them because they are more than just accessories to me......they are my babies, and i craft them with love, prayers and care. I put so much effort into these babies, so i feel it's not just enough to make them and sell them, and so i give them names.....NATIVE names. Indigenous names.

But that's not all...

The names i give my pieces are not just any names, i don't just name for the sake of it, rather. the names have to fit perfectly like a glove *you get?*. I can't just finish off a piece and name her 'Agbonma'.....she HAS TO be an agbonma before i give her that name. I have to really look at her and make sure the name fits. My friends help me with native names and their meanings, then i have to make sure the names fits each accessory. So that's it! *grins*. That's how i do.

And so ladies, i'll like you to meet 'AYOMI'. She's made of broken corals and crystal beads, and she's a stunner.


'Ayomi' comes with a matching bracelet and a pair of earrings.

A closer look at the broken corals

Meet the beautiful and elegant 'EGO'. She's made of seed/sand beads and crystal beads. 'Ego' instantly adds a touch of elegance to your appearance once she sits on your neck *actually, she wraps around your neck like a scarf*. She comes with a bracelet and a set of earrings, and you can order her in any color you like. This piece was originally created by Marcol Jewelry.


 Next, i'll like you to meet 'EFOSA'. She turned out to be a choker....i say 'turned out' because that's not what we originally intended her to be. We started out doing a different design, but ended up creating a choker *winks at Ify and Nomcy*. All the same, 'Efosa' is a lovely and unique piece. She comes with matching earrings and bracelet which are not included in the picture.

Well, y'all are familiar with the famous 'Ugonma'. She comes in many variations which you'll be seeing here very often. This one here's called 'NADEERA' *yup, that's a native name*. You can order her in any color combination you like. You can even get her in a smaller size if you want too.


My client sent me a picture of this particular combination and asked me to re-create her......i had no problem with that., She's absolutely gorgeous!

A closer look at 'Nadeera'

This babe here is called 'ONYINYECHI', and she's just.........! You need to see her sitting on a real human neck. She's made of 3,620 crystal beads *yup, i counted so that you'll appreciate her worth*. 'Onyinyechi' comes with a matching bracelet and a pair of intricately woven earrings. She can come in any color combo you choose.


Ladies just love 'Ugonma'! A client ordered her in 2 colors...brown and red. This brown you see below is a very lovely shade. It's the same shade of brown i used in making 'Nadeera'. While creating 'Nadeera', i thought of how lovely the brown turned out to be, and so i decided to just make it in 2 layers for myself. The very next day, a client contacted me and ordered a brown 'Ugonma', so there!



The red one'

This on'e called 'AYOMIPE'. Another client wanted this design and sent me a pic. For the record, i didn't create this design, i only re-created it. The design was originally created by the talented Gbenga Artsmith. So my client wanted it and asked for it. She also said that she didn't want a bracelet, so i went ahead and crafted the neckpiece and earrings.

Finally, meet 'ODUFA'. Her picture was also sent to me to re-create. I don't know who the original creator is.....i would have given credit to the person. I believe it's not right to copy someone's work without giving due credit to the person *shrugs*. Well, 'Odufa' is a variation of the 'Ugonma' design, and she comes with a matching bracelet and earrings.

'Odufa' I spy a photo-bomber!

A closer look

That's all i have to show you today. This post would have come earlier today, but my Laptop crashed and i had to take it to the 'doctors' for formatting. My saving grace is that it gave me a sign *albeit a scary one* before it crashed, and i ran out and bought an external hard drive to save all my pictures and documents. The thought of losing all my family pictures and the baby pictures and videos of my kids freaked me out. If i lost them, i would still have been rolling on the floor and wailing inconsolably by now *loool!*.

Now my laptop is 'born again', it's also faster now and i'm enjoying it again.
By the way, voting for the Nigerian blog awards has ended today....thanks to everyone who voted for me. God bless.

If you want to order any neckpiece from the Blushes 'n Dimples collection, contact us on:



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  1. This pieces are really beautiful....
    Thank God for the salvation of your laptop.... lol

  2. Nicely done *wink wink*...

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. They are all so lovely!! I am a newbie in the jewellery making industry and wish I was living next door to you - I would register for tutorials pronto!

    Speaking from experience, it would be wise to back up your external hard drive as well. I have had 2 different external hard drives die on me. The first one crashed and the second one shut down and encrypted all the documents and pictures on it cos it thought it was being infrected by a virus. I am yet to 'decrypt' and lost years of pictures and documents. I am on my third external hard drive now. I dont even know whether to laugh or cry....

    Happy Easter

  5. Lovely pieces and i even love you more for crediting the original designers! good job!

  6. They are so lovely! Lady, you are talented. I love how you gave the designers credit, not everyone would do that. One of the designs caught my eye, i'll contact you for it.

  7. Your piece's are lovely.
    You could enter them for this competition

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