Thursday, 9 April 2015

MISSING KIDS!!! Please be on the look-out and pray for these kids!

Good morning ladies....

Yesterday, i got a BC alerting us of the kidnap of three kids by a maid who just got employed. She took them out at 8am and never returned with them!

This broke me. The pain their mum is going through right now is profound!

These are the boys. I'm using my platform to reach out to people and implore you to please be on the look-out for these kids, and also to ask you to pray fervently for them. Nothing must happen to them. I deeply believe in God and in the power of prayers. If we all lift up our voices and pray *even if it's for one minute*, God will help us find these boys.

If you see them, please call:

08052062117  09098097935  08060184514

Let us pray........

"Lord we believe in you, and we know that when we call to you, you hear us and answer. With heavy hearts we pray for these boys, we ask that you should please keep them safe in your care. Where ever they may be, we ask that you should please cover them with your wings. Build an invisible wall of fire around these kids to protect them, and let not a hair on their heads be harmed.

We decree that their kidnappers would be caught and apprehended. No matter where they hide, heavenly father, cause them to be found! Set utmost confusion in their midst! Confuse their languages and set them against each other! 

We pray for the Orekoya family. Lord, please give them peace and assure them of your presence. Remind them that you are their ever-present help in time of need and that you will pull through for them in this trying period of their lives. AMEN"

Thanks for taking out time to pray....

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  1. I woke up this morning still feeling very bad, I prayed again. I honestly can't imagine what the parents are going through. 3 children missing at the same time. God please , let these kids be safe, let them be returned home safely and un-harmed, my heart cries out, i don't want to hear any more rumours, I just want to hear they are found. God please

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  3. im sorry but that cant be the maid.that is a totally different lady that stole possessions from a home and it was reported days before this incident.people shouldn't get things mixed up so we know what we are looking for.


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