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PICTORIAL | The classic smokey eyes.


What have you been up to? Hope you've been good.

I haven't shown you all how to achieve a simple smokey look have i? I don't think i have. It occurred to me the other day at the bank as i stared at a cashier's makeup. Her idea of a smokey eye was just swiping on a layer or two of black eye shadow and that was it. As i looked at her face eyes, i had this urge to politely ask "Please can i help you blend your eye shadow?", but i didn't because i didn't want anyone to give me the 'evil eye' *grins*.

Why call it smokey eyes if they're not properly smoked out?! Hoin?

Y'all know how much i love the smokey look, and i think that if you must do it, then i pray it well. That's why i decided to do this pictorial, and even though that cashier might not be a visitor of this blog, i know that so many of you will learn from this pictorial, and for that reason....i'm glad.

Let's do this......

Now, this is a very, very, veeery easy pictorial, and all i used to achieve the smokey eyes are:

  • NYX jumbo pencil in 'Bean'
  • Sleek eye dust in 'Drama' *It's a loose, black eye shadow*
  • Blending brush
  • Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jazz' *used in my waterlines and on my upper lash line*

Brows are done

Next, i applied the Jumbo pencil all over my eyelids. For those who don't know, the Jumbo pencil is an eye shadow base. It makes your eye shadow more vibrant, also gives it something to stick to. So i used the black one 'cos i was doing black smokey eyes.

Applying the jumbo pencil

Jumbo pencil has been applied on both lids

Next, i went ahead and pressed on my black eye shadow *eye dust* on my lids using a fluffy eye shadow brush.

Pressing in progress
 Now you see this picture below? This is exactly how some people finish up their 'smokey eyes', but it doesn't qualify as smokey eyes. See, it's called smokey eyes for a reason.....because it's supposed to smoke in, it fades out as it gets to the crease. People shouldn't be able to see the point where your eye shadow ends and where your skin color begins. Now watch and see how it's done, then after that, compare pics and see the huge difference.

Eye shadow has been pressed on both lids
This brush below makes all the difference. It's called a 'crease brush' or a 'blending brush'. With this brush, you swipe back and forth in your crease and effectively blend out the edges of your black eye shadow...hereby smoking it out.

My crease brush by BH Cosmetics

To work it well, swipe back and forth in your crease using the 'wind-shield wiper' motion *you know how a car wiper goes back 'n forth, back 'n forth*. Do that till the edges of the black eye shadow are properly smoked out *shouldn't take long at all*.


 Now i'm done swiping both eyes and my black eye shadow is well smoked out. See how it fades out in the crease of my eyes? That's it....that's how it should be.

All smoked out!

Finally, i applied my Zaron gel liner in 'Jazz' on my upper lash line *though you can hardly see it 'cos it's black*, and in my water lines.

Black smokey eyes is a quick and easy look to achieve 'cos you don't even need to contour your 'outer C' since everything is all black. But if you do colored smokey eyes, you know you have to contour.

**This method of smoking out your eyes works well for other colors.**

I didn't go though the trouble of applying mascara

Ok, so now i've schooled you, i sincerely hope that you would stop swiping eye shadow on your lids and start smoking it out properly.....and there you have it, the classic smokey eye!

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Besos dears.
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  1. Queen of the smokey eyes.... always a winner! Oh she just gave out airtime! What network o o o

    1. MTN oooo! I intentionally left out the network, but i'm sure someone has loaded it already by now. 😄😄😄😄

  2. Very helpful, thank you...Quick question, what colours can be used to achieve a smocky look.

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful.

      Other colors are Purple, blue, green and brown. Then I also do smokey looks in which I use other colors like red, pink, orange, (including the purple, blue, green and brown) as a base before smoking out black on top of it. It turns out like black smoke with a color peeping through. I should do a tutorial on that too.

    2. Would b waiting for the the tutorial o...Na me load d card, as a sharp gal😊..thank uuuuu! Was so excited when it entered.😘😘

  3. Oya, who load the card? Show yasef oooo!

  4. Nice one dear,thanks a lot ...very detailed. You just taught a lover of makeup #smiles ..keep it up

  5. Nice one! and you make a good teacher. I am gradually turning into a makeup lover.

  6. Why most of the girls/women’s are choosing smoky eye makeup? It is suitable for less number of people.

  7. Thanks....really helpful

  8. You have beautiful eyes.


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