Sunday, 31 May 2015

Blushes 'n Dimples Accessories

Hola Chica Bonitas

I have some pieces i made which i want to show you. However, i would have to show you the rest of them later 'cos it would be too many pictures for one post.

Ladies love 'Ugonma' soooo much......what is it about her?

Well, i had 2 ladies place orders for her specifically.

 After i show-cased my very first set here, someone liked the first 'Ugonma' i made in gold and purple. She contacted me then and said that she'll contact me again when she was ready. She did ping me and asked me to make it in black and gold for her. I did that and she loved it.

FIX IT! | Dried out lip-stain

****Beautiful Sunday morning****

Good morning Dolls.... Howdy do?

The first set of lip-stains i ever received were the ones i was sent by Sleek Nigeria, *remember?* See review here . Prior to that, i had never owned or used a lip-stain. Out of that set, 'Forbidden' and 'Duke' became my favorites and the ones i used often. And then, as a result of the opening and closing, they both dried out *oh bother!*. The product became really thick and applied in dried bits and little chunks. I really didn't want to toss them because they still had some product inside, so i knew i had to find a way.....any way to fix them.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

B 'n D Makeover | All that glitters

Hullo Dolls.....

Can i pretend that i haven't been away for 2 weeks?



Even last night, one of my esteemed readers pinged me and demanded that i write an apology letter on the blog today *Hahahaha!*. Make una no vex na! I have a perfectly good excuse....i was busy crafting my babies .......noooo, not Dindu, Mish and Zuri....i mean my beads *side eyes*. i have a lovely collection to show you all soon.

Meanwhile, this fuel scarcity hit me harrrrd! Tufiakwa! At a point, i had no fuel to pump water at home, and PHCN wouldn't even bring the light!It made me miss being a child....i was actually jealous of my kids 'cos they had not a care in the world...they had absolutely nothing to worry about. All they knew was that at the end of each day, they would baff with water, watch cartoon and sleep with light/fan.....what's their own 'consign' with where the fuel would come from? *loool!*. I remember when we were little, we worried about nothing 'cos we knew our mum and dad would fix it all. When things were going wrong in the country, we were blissfully unaware!

On sunday, i just had to play with colors and glitter 'cos i knew it would cheer me up.
This looks like a makeover i have done in the past, but this time, i used glitter.

I had taken about 100 pictures before it hit me......there was no blush on my face! i totally forgot to apply blush!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW | Tara lipsticks in 'Hajiya' & 'Jemila'

Hello everyone....

I got these lipsticks a while ago, and just recently, i felt it was time for a review. House of Tara has the most gorgeous shades of lipsticks i tell you. I got red and pink colors *by the way, these are not the only red and pink colors they have*, and they are called 'Hajiya' and 'Jemila'.

I've used these colors to create a beautiful 'ombre' lip, using the red on the outer part of the lips and pink in the inner part.

Monday, 4 May 2015

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Nonye

Hullo ladies, kedu ka unu mee? (how are you all doing?)

Meet Nonye, my darling friend from years back. The first time i touched Nonye's face was about 3 years ago when i first started learning how to apply makeup. work back then was just..... *covers face with shame*. I'm still a work-in-progress, but i'm so glad that even though i'm not yet where i want to be, i'm no longer where i used to be. I sha hope that in the future, when i look back at my work today, i'll cringe and cover my face again * 'cos that would mean i'm making progress okwa ya? (right?)*.

So, Nonye pinged me on saturday about a makeover for a dinner she was to attend on Sunday......she came, and after our chit-chat, we got to it.......

Ndi be anyi (my people).....i don't know why i always forget to take a 'before' picture when i'm doing a makeover. I always remember after i've drawn a brow or even both brows. This happens every freaking time!