Monday, 4 May 2015

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Nonye

Hullo ladies, kedu ka unu mee? (how are you all doing?)

Meet Nonye, my darling friend from years back. The first time i touched Nonye's face was about 3 years ago when i first started learning how to apply makeup. work back then was just..... *covers face with shame*. I'm still a work-in-progress, but i'm so glad that even though i'm not yet where i want to be, i'm no longer where i used to be. I sha hope that in the future, when i look back at my work today, i'll cringe and cover my face again * 'cos that would mean i'm making progress okwa ya? (right?)*.

So, Nonye pinged me on saturday about a makeover for a dinner she was to attend on Sunday......she came, and after our chit-chat, we got to it.......

Ndi be anyi (my people).....i don't know why i always forget to take a 'before' picture when i'm doing a makeover. I always remember after i've drawn a brow or even both brows. This happens every freaking time!

Oh, and it looks like her brows are really high right? Loooool! See ehn, my friend has this habit of raising her brows each time you bring out a camera to take a picture of her. As in she's soooo used to it . I had to delete so many pictures because the eyebrows were not looking the same at will be upstairs while the other will be downstairs loool!.*Nonye, biko forgive me for telling everybody ooo!*. Just whip out your camera and she sends her brows to high heavens! *runs away*.

I know i love smokey eyes with nude lips, but babes.... smokey eyes paired with red lips is the truth! It's always glamorous.

There goes those brows again! Loool!
Fine girl!

Thanks dear for sitting in my chair....T'was a pleasure, and i'll be honored to do your makeup again.

Besos dears

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  1. Your brows are perfect. And she has a beautiful skin too.

  2. Gorgeous dear! Love the eyes

  3. Really nice. I tried this smokey eyes once but didn't get it.


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