Sunday, 31 May 2015

Blushes 'n Dimples Accessories

Hola Chica Bonitas

I have some pieces i made which i want to show you. However, i would have to show you the rest of them later 'cos it would be too many pictures for one post.

Ladies love 'Ugonma' soooo much......what is it about her?

Well, i had 2 ladies place orders for her specifically.

 After i show-cased my very first set here, someone liked the first 'Ugonma' i made in gold and purple. She contacted me then and said that she'll contact me again when she was ready. She did ping me and asked me to make it in black and gold for her. I did that and she loved it.

Meet 'IVIE'. She's made of pearls and she's beautiful and classy. You can wear her with anything...traditional wears, english wears, casual ears. She comes with a brooch which you can easily detach.

The lady who wanted 'Ivie' also wanted for her beautiful daughters. So, i made them 3 layers each with bangles and earrings.

Remember 'NKEOMA'? Someone wanted her in red, and i made and delivered it to her..

I made this pink 'Nkeoma' and displayed it at the studio, A client came in for a makeover, saw her and it was love at first sight. She's made of glass sand/seed beads.

This is 'OCHUWA'. She's simple, yet classy..... and like 'Ivie', you can wear her with anything. She's made of seed/sand beads and teardrop beads. 'Ochuwa' comes with matching earrings and a bracelet.

So, most of these designs have been bought, but if you like any of them, you can just save the picture or the name of the design, then call, ping or whatsapp to place your order and it would be made and sent to you. They can be customized in any colors you desire.




Contact us and place your order and we'll deliver to you where ever you want.

Have a good night....


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  1. Hello Chinazor,

    Beautiful pieces, I especially love the names you've chosen for each one :-)

    I'm a passionate flag bearer of the "Hand-work rocks!" movement.

    I write about my DIY sewing projects too.

    Great blog!

    1. Thank you Nedoux..

      Thanks also for stopping by.

  2. OMG!!! this is really fabulous. i love the little ivies and nkeoma. she is very fiery!!!

    love what you do here dear.

  3. Finally a non-igbo name "Ivie" she's lovely. Nice works

    1. Ehn! Nuvi, check well oooo! I've used Yoruba, Hausa and Edo names. Lool!


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