Sunday, 31 May 2015

FIX IT! | Dried out lip-stain

****Beautiful Sunday morning****

Good morning Dolls.... Howdy do?

The first set of lip-stains i ever received were the ones i was sent by Sleek Nigeria, *remember?* See review here . Prior to that, i had never owned or used a lip-stain. Out of that set, 'Forbidden' and 'Duke' became my favorites and the ones i used often. And then, as a result of the opening and closing, they both dried out *oh bother!*. The product became really thick and applied in dried bits and little chunks. I really didn't want to toss them because they still had some product inside, so i knew i had to find a way.....any way to fix them.

It took me a while though. First, i tried surfing the internet, but it wasn't so helpful, and i knew that  adding water wouldn't work at all, and so i thought:

 "What if i warmed them up a 'lil bit? That might dissolve the dried chunks".

So i went ahead and got a glass of hot water and then i put the bottles inside it *huge grin*.

Lip-stains warming up in the glass cup

I let them sit there for a while until the steam/warmth/hotness of the water penetrated the little bottles and warmed up the product, and then i opened and pulled the applicator.....this was what i saw.....


The steam did dissolve the dried product and made it liquid and smooth again. It applied easily on my lips *even though it was kinda hot, but i liked the way it felt*. I went ahead and swatched on the back of my hand.

See? No dried bits or streaks.
Boy! I'm so glad that i eventually figured a way to fix you can fix your lip-stains too, all you need to do is boil some water!

Well, i don't know how long before it dries up again, but i'll be ready for it whenever it does *loool*.

I'm glad you learnt this new 'Fix it!' tip....always willing to help.

Have a wonderful day..


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  1. Yay!!! I'm glad this worked, I was gonna pour hot oil into mine to fry the gloss. Thanks for sharing

    1. hahaha! fried gloss! Lol! Thannk you dear for sharing now we can salvage our lipstains

    2. Haha! Dolapo yaff kee me! Fry ke?

  2. was really thinking of how to go about it. really helpful thank you nazor.

  3. Woow, so helpful, aunt nazor is tha bomb.


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