Thursday, 14 May 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW | Tara lipsticks in 'Hajiya' & 'Jemila'

Hello everyone....

I got these lipsticks a while ago, and just recently, i felt it was time for a review. House of Tara has the most gorgeous shades of lipsticks i tell you. I got red and pink colors *by the way, these are not the only red and pink colors they have*, and they are called 'Hajiya' and 'Jemila'.

I've used these colors to create a beautiful 'ombre' lip, using the red on the outer part of the lips and pink in the inner part.

Oh, the packaging!

Hajiya is a pink with a slight blue undertone. It's creamy and has a slight sheen, and somewhat neon. *I flee from 'em neon shades cos i don't wear them well*. The thing about these neon shades is that you HAVE TO use a liner so you can avoid making it look like you have lips that are too big for your face *loool!*. Well, it's not too neon's just a bright pink.

Hajiya applies unevenly, and i really don't like it when lipsticks do that. If you peer closely at the picture above, you would notice the uneven application....some areas are well-covered while some areas are sheer.

Jemila on the other hand is a slightly dark red lipstick with a slight sheen. I liked the way this one applied....better!. It also applied more evenly. I like Jemila, and i've used it about thrice. It lasted about 7 hours each time, even though it faded out after about 4 hrs *i hope that made sense*


Little extras beauty store
22rd, Opposite Nitel,

Any Tara store near you.



In other news, please who knows when this fuel scarcity would end? It has really taken it's toll on everyone, and these days, fuel has become gold! Biko, if you know when it's going to end, pray...tell. It would be nice to have an end in sight.

Besos dears.

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  1. 1500? Let me go and get them...i need new makeup in my life

    1. These are beautiful.

      Hi Sisi Yemmie, congrats on the birth of your new baby! God bless mother and child. Hope you wont forget us your internet babies and hope you wont slow down blogging? lol


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