Saturday, 20 June 2015

B 'n D Accessories

I never knew i would enjoy making beaded jewelry so much. I must admit, when i first started, i wasn't sure i was doing the right thing.....but now, i absolutely love it!

Meet some of my new babies.....

First is 'ADESUWA', made of crystal beads and sand/ seed beads petals.I think shes was originally made by Esther of Kish...i'm not sure. Just look at her.....need i say more? You can order her in any colors you want.

Beautiful 'Adesuwa'

This is 'IMOSE'. This design was originally created by Gbenga Artsmith. A client wanted it in red and silver, and i also decided to make it in blue and cream. Pictures just don't do these sisters justice. They would make your traditional attire look glam! 'Imose' is available in any color you desire.

Blue and cream 'Imose'

Red and silver 'Imose'

Meet 'IFEOLUWA', my elegant beauty. Shes made of crystal beads and a non-detachable brooch made out of sand/ seed beads. She comes with earrings and a bracelet to match. You can order in any color you want.


Next, meet 'ZOHRA'. She's a russian spiral design made or crystal and seed\ sand beads. You can order a layer or two....or even 3 layers like the picture. She also comes in different colors.


You all know 'NKEOMA', Here's a blue and white version of the design. Simple yet beautiful!

Another client wanted her in pink, but she didn't want her so full, so i had to make a smaller version of it.

Pink 'Nkeoma'

Finally, meet 'EWADE'. Shes a wire-works design made with crystal beads. It's a simple choker design. And she comes with matching earrings and bracelet.


Do you like any of these designs? Please call/whatsapp


BB : 565C3C54


Besos Chicas!
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  1. Nice one
    I see them photobombers in Blue and white

    1. Lol, I had to go back and see them too :-)

  2. I'm a sucker for fine details, I love the exquisite detail on Adesuwa and Imose.

    Jisike :-)


  3. You killed it ma'am, all hail the beads genius. My love for beads is divine. Pls upload a DIY tutorial. Biko!!!! I learnt beads making in NYSC camo and looking at this diff styles jes made me realize I know zilch in this craft....thumbs up ma'am.

  4. Love beading too but am having double mind about it....
    I'll close eyes and learn it,God bless my hustle.

  5. Gorgeous pieces dear: tutorials on the petals please. God bless ya

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