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RANT | Plagiarism......

Hello lovelies.......

How are you doing? Hope okay.

Tomorrow is the 4th LMUF!!!Yippeeeee! I'm so excited 'cos i'm going to be in a hall full of makeup *claps hands with glee*, and i'll get to see my friends in the industry who i haven't seen in a looooong time! Of course i won't be coming back home empty-handed.

Dearly beloved.... Today, i'm here to rant about something that has eaten deep into not just the makeup industry, but every industry there is.

Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
Synonyms : Copying, infringement of copyright, piracy, theft, stealing; informal cribbing.

Plagiarism is a serious offense, and i don't know why people fail to understand that. Do you know how many times i've come across pictures on instagram that original owners of works post, telling their followers to be wary of those who have stolen their works and passed it off as theirs?

Daylight tiffery!

Sometime ago, someone lifted my pictorial pictures from this blog, cropped off my name and posted them on her channel. She also lifted the my write-up and posted them along with the pictures, but she added a few words of her own. That's how she passed my work off as hers, giving me NO single credit whatsoever! My attention was called to the channel, and i joined it. I thanked her right there for posting my pictorial, and i posted a link to my blog. People had some questions about the pictorial, and i answered them......guess what? I went back some hours later and saw that she deleted my replies to those who had questions. The nerve! She has no idea how much time i put into that pictorial, yet she lifted it and passed it off as her own on her channel! See ehn, if she had done her own pictorial *inspired by mine* and posted on her channel, it wouldn't have been a big deal to me.

How can you just comfortably and happily steal take pictures of someone's work, crop off their name and boldly write your own name across the picture? Seriously, how do you sleep at night when you do that? Hate me if you want...but i'm telling the truth here.....that is a very horrible thing to do!

Do you know the number of hours the original owner put into his/her work? And then you go ahead and lift it without giving credit to whom it is due? For heaven's sake, if you must lift, give credit! It's not rocket-science, its not too hard to do.....GIVE CREDIT!

It's a different thing when you see a look someone has done and try to create the same look, or when you see a painting or a jewelry set someone has done, and then you make a copy. That's called a 'Copy', and you should also give credit to the original creator in this case too.

Why would you print your advert fliers or sign-board using pictures of another makeup artist's work? Why not just get yourself a model, make her up, take pictures of her face and use on your fliers and sign-boards? Is it because you think your work is not good enough? If you think so, then why not work on your skills to get better so that your work would be good enough for you to put up on your sign-board or advert flyer?

Why do you want to deceive your prospective clients into thinking that your work is as good as the pictures you lifted and used as your advert? And then, when she goes ahead and hires you, trusting you to do a beautiful job on her face....... you flop! You don't meet up to the standard she expected you to have. Do you think she'll be happy with you or refer you to others? Do you really? Are you freaking kidding me?!!

Instead of doing that and spoiling your business by yourself, why not do it this on yourself to hone your skills, display pictures of your own work. People who like YOUR work would hire you, and when you make them up, they would still be pleased with you because what they saw that made them hire you is what they would get from you.....You get?

The guy who did my sister's wedding decor showed us breath-taking pictures of venues he 'supposedly' decorated. I was convinced that he was good at events decorating, and i got my sister to give him the job, only for him to disappoint us woefully! Apparently, those pictures weren't his....he stole them and passed them off as his. I still feel guilty and pained till this day.

A makeup artist friend of mine did a beautiful look on her face and it went viral on instagram. One morning, she sent me the picture on BBM, and guess what, her name was cropped off, and another person's name was splayed boldly across her face. My mouth hung open in shock. Some people have guts sha.

I remember when i was in the events business, i wanted to print flyers, and a 'friend' of mine advised me to use pictures of other people's work on my flyers. i hadn't executed any job myself, so i had no pictures to use. So she urged me to use other people's pictures. It didn't sit well with me, so i couldn't do it. I told her that if i wanted pictures, i would rather wait until i got my first event-planning gig, then i would use the pictures i worked for. That way, i would be proud of myself knowing that they were mine and mine alone......and that was even before i knew about plagiarism and how bad it was. I obviously didn't make any sense to her.

The same 'friend' lady took my idea of  giving my beads indigenous names. I did the native names thing because i searched and didn't see anyone else giving beaded jewelry native names.....but i did see english names though. I thought i should do it just like Tara makeup products had indigenous names, and Chic Gele gave her head gears indigenous names too. So when i tried to talk to her about it, she gave me an attitude, blocked me on instagram *like i care one bit*, and deleted me off BBM *just negodu*.

Moving on........

Seriously, if you are guilty of this act, you need to stop it. Stop lifting pictures of people's makeup jobs, people's events decor pictures, beads jewelry pictures and ideas. It is a crime biko! Some people don't know it's a serious offense, so i'm hoping this post would educate such people. You could get sued.....seriously.

Finally, if someone copies your work and gives you credit, please acknowledge it. Don't act all uppity like everyone else is beneath you. You should be proud that people look up to you and copy the work you do *I said 'Copy', not stealing the original work and passing it off as theirs*. If they tag you on Instagram, acknowledge and encourage them....don't look down your noses at them as if you are royalty, and they are commoners. If my work is copied, and i'm given credit, i will acknowledge the person, and i'll be so happy knowing that someone values my work and loved it enough to copy it. But if the person copies me, doesn't give me credit and then gives me any kind of attitude, they'll only succeed in pissing me off!.

Ok, that's enough ranting for one afternoon.

See you at the fair tomorrow!

PS: If you do not agree with my rant, please let me know in the comment section...i'll like to know what you think about this plagiarism issue. Do you hate me after reading this post? I love you too! Hahaha!

Besos dears!

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  1. It won't cost anything to use style beg the original owner to allow you copy small thing, no one knows it all. So I support your write up.

    1. Copying is even better than stealing a picture and passing it off as yours. Sometimes, you might not have the contact details of the original creator to ask for permission to copy. But what matters is giving credit to who it is due. My clients send me pictures of beads that other leaders have made, and they ask me to make copies for them ..... I don't turn down their requests even though I believe in originality and creativity. What I do is that I go ahead and make the beaded jewelry set, then I tag the original designer on instagram giving them credit. Its better than stealing pictures and writing my name across them.

  2. Watermarking works as well! It would prevent them from using ur pix and if they use ur (watermarked) pix without giving u credit, at least ur name is imprinted

    How u dey?

    1. I watermark my pics ooo! For the makeup pictures, I place the watermark at the bottom of the picture 'cos I don't like writing across the face. And for the beaded jewelry, I write it across the necklace. I'm good darl!

  3. This post is so on point. Do you remember when we discussed about your experience, I was even feeling the pain for you. I actually went to the bbm group and left a comment telling the person to give you some credit at least, then a few days after I woke up and received a message from a colleague about another mua somewhere who stole my own personal picture and past it off as hers. I was even too shocked to rant.

    Plagiarism is just one of the uphill tasks the makeup guild is going to battle, it didn't start today, but the industry would have to find a way of curbing it. someone told me I should even be happy my picture was stolen, that it shows my work is good... happy? huh? I'm confused sha.

    1. Yes! That's what I was talking about up there....your pic was stolen too. No I won't be happy if someone takes my picture and writes my name across it. I'll prefer she creates that same look on her face on her model and writes her name on it. That way, she has every right to do so 'cos it's her work.

  4. Wow! Who has annoyed my Blushes and dimples oh! 1st time I've seen you rant this way.
    Pele dear, anyone stealing your work or idea is steps behind you, keep leading.
    What's your IG handle please?

    1. Babes, I just tire for people. I sha hope that the guilty ones learn from this post. My IG handle is @blushesanddimples

  5. I read this post and I wouldn't have said it better. Please stop plagiarizing, we work hard for the looks we create. When I'm inspired by someone else's work and maybe create my version of it, I always give the person credit. I would never feel good about passing someone else's work/idea as mine

  6. Lol... I suffered same where someone posted my photo and said she did my makeup. A friend who saw it had to ask me if I allowed people do my makeup. I contacted her and she told me she was only admiring the work even though someone asked her of she did it and she said yes. I gv her some serious word of advise about plagiarism before deleting her. It's too common in d beauty industry.

  7. This issue is a big one o. And I wonder why some people take heed even after what happened to linda ikeja. I once visited a girls blog and over 60% of her posts were from other people sites!!! with no link backs. Always add your trademark to your work please especially in places where it cant be cropped out

    1. Its not a must to own a blog or a blackberry channel... If you can't create your own content, then find another passion ....hian!!

  8. drop the name of the blog or channel, so we can bombard that theif

  9. That's how my friend who is a make up artist met a girl at the mall, apparently the girl liked her make up and trust girl kinda talk,she told my friend she will be getting married bla bla as a sharp friend I have she quickly advertise her job. The girl said her cousins friend will be doing he make up that infact she is a good make up artist. My friend asked to see the make up artist work, guess what she stole mimi Sulaiman work. She didnot know my friend knows mimi. Hahahahahahah. My friend gave her the word of her life that day to send to the so called cousin friend.


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