Monday, 20 July 2015

B 'n D Accessories

Good evening Dolls

Here's show-casing more of my pieces. Ok, before we go into this, i would like to take a moment and answer some of the questions i'm frequently asked.


Yes, i do. I pick the beads by my self and make the necklaces from scratch.


I did not create these designs.....rather, they are copies of designs that have already been made by other beaders. Most clients send me pictures of designs they fancy and ask me if i can make them...and i do. Its just like clothes...when you see a design you like and you save the picture and send it to your tailor to make it for you *sometimes, you even combine two designs together...the top of a gown and the bottom of another gown.*. In bead making, there are already existing designs, what most beaders do is that they modify those existing designs *which apparently, they didn't invent* and create another design. However, in the future, i plan to think up my own designs and make them too.


Well, because i wanted something different from the norm. Everyone else was assigning english names and numbers or codes to their beads, i decided to do the indigenous name thing. I had that idea even before i began my training on beads-making. Igbo names, Yoruba names, Hausa names, Edo names, Calabar names, etc....

So there! Questions answered.

Now, i'll like you to meet 'OJUOLAPE'.......She's a perfect beauty! Her body is made of 'Ugonma', and then there are colorful little leaves made of size 4 crystal beads attached to it. The leaves are not detachable *why would you want to do that though? loool!*. 'Ojuolape' comes with a bracelet and earings. She can be made in any color of your choice.


 Next, please meet 'ONONO'. She's made of size 2 sand/seed beads and size 10 crystal beads. The crystal beads are actually a deep beautiful shade of purple, but for some reason, it comes out black in pictures. She's soooo beautiful, people fall in love with her once they see her. My student Onyinye modelled her for me the last time. 'Onono' comes with a matching bracelet and earrings......just imagine her in deep red and silver....divine!


'Onono', sitting on Onyinye's neck

Aaaaah! Meet 'TEMITOPE'. I don't know what kind of beads shes's made of *i don't know what it's called*, but i just love the beads. It's like small marbles, and it feels nice against the skin. 'Temitope' comes in red, blue, purple, orange, green and black. There's a matching bracelet and earings too.

This here is called 'NNEOMA'. She's made of coral beads plaited on a wire base *wipes brow*. She's a lot of work i tell ya!, but in the end, she's worth it. I mean....just look at her! She also comes with earrings and a bracelet.


Our ever popular 'UGONMA'. Ladies love her so! After i made the silver-orange-silver version, a client ordered her in red-silver-red. The combo is amazeballs! This picture doesn't even do it justice. You can order her in just about any color you like.


Remember 'ONYINYE'? Another client wanted her in the exact same colors i made her the first time. Only this time, she wanted a different brooch and different earrings *the last earrings were the dropping kind*. I obliged and she loved it!


That's it Ladies......More designs coming soon by HIS special grace.

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Besos dears!

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  1. Talented Chicala
    They are all amazeballs

  2. I'm so touched Chinazor, you named my favorite of them all after me. Ojuolape...
    Lots of love

    1. Awww! She's a perfect beauty like the name connotes.

  3. For ladies bah? Issokay, they are good!

  4. i love Onyinye.Chinazor biko consider Chinyere!!She is a beautiful girl and will be a "buriful" piece i'm!

    1. Chinyere! That's right, I certainly will.

  5. When are you going to do a Sisi Yemmie one?

    1. Aaaaaaah! Sisi! I'll start working on it.

  6. Please where did you learn how to make beads

  7. Lol everybody wants the bead to be named after them.
    That Temitope bead is so beautiful. I just want to lick her *covers face*.


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