Monday, 6 July 2015

B 'n D Makeover | Blue lining

Howdy dolls!

Chaaaaaai! I've missed you all sha. Nope, i didn't go anywhere ooooo! *y'all should be used to my 'disappearing acts' by now....loool!*.

In other news, the way PHCN has been giving us light's unbelievable. For over a week now, i've had constant light......just wonderful!

Ok, let's make this quick.

I have another makeup look to show you, and even though i christened it 'Blue lining', i'm pretty sure that i have done a look in the past with that name *or was it silver lining?*.....maybe, maybe not.

This look was inspired by the Zaron gel liner in 'Jean' which i just purchased. First, i bought 'Jazz' the black one *which i can't do without anymore*, next was 'Jade' the green one. Then finally at the LMUF 4, i picked up 'Jean' the blue one.

I used it on my lower waterline and on my lower eyelid, and it had a really lovely effect.

Too many pictures, i know....but i was kinda feeling masef *huge grin*. Plus i got sooo many pictures, it was hard to choose which to post on here.

Taken wasn't so bright in there, but my speedlight kinda helped.

Do you see the freckles-like rashes on my face. It freaked me out for a 'lil while cos i didn't know what it was. I wasn't sure if it was an allergic reaction to something or just heat rashes...but thank goodness, they are gone now.



Hegai & Esther brow gel in 'Nubia'
LA Girl ProConceal in 'Toffee'


Marykay foundations in 607 & 507 all over the face.
Marykay foundation in 708 for contouring the nose and hollows of the cheeks.
L.A Girl Pro Conceal in 'Toffee' for highlighting under my eyes and bridge of my nose.
Office powder in BC347 to set my foundation.
Sleek contour kit in 'Dark' to set my contour and highlight my nose.
Ben Nye banana powder for setting under my eyes.


Orange eyeshadow from my Sleek 'Paraguaya' palette for my eyelids.
Sleek eyedust in 'Drama' for contouring the outer 'V'
Zaron gel liner in 'Jazz' for lining the upper lashline.
Zaron gel liner in 'Jean' for lining the lower waterline.
Bee Lashes in 747M


Zaron lip liner in 'Cappuchino'.

There's one lip gloss like that....i really don't know what it's called, but i do know that i almost threw it away one time, but i eventually didn't.....and now, it came in handy. I used it to fill in my lips. It's a bright nude sha.

So that's it dears.

Till i come your way again.....


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  1. love this look! And the hair really suits you

  2. The makeover is cool but not perfect.

    1. Perhaps, if i mercilessly Photoshop the picture, it would look perfect *just thinking* . I should try that one day sha.

      Thank you.

  3. Photoshop ke? Haba, we like it natural biko!

    Another amazing make up. I just saw it that your husby was not playing or sleeping at all when he came over to you and said 'HI' that day. Hehe, just kidding o!
    You look great!

    1. Yes na! Photoshop!

      Apparently, people don't like to see natural pictures anymore. If it's natural with little or no editing, they term it 'imperfect' . What they want is heavy photoshopping, then they will be in total awe! So let's all do that *huge grin*

  4. The picrures looks real good,love em just the way they appear..


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