Thursday, 16 July 2015

B 'n D Makeover | Onyinye

Hola Chicas!

The most nerve-wracking thing happened to me yesterday.

First of all, how you been? Great i hope.

Ok, so Onyi who happens to be one of my present students came for her training session yesterday, and because she didn't have a model available, i decided to work on her face instead. While we were taking pictures after the face-beat, My DSLR camera beeped and an Err 20 message appeared on the screen. The message said i should turn the camera off and on or re-insert the battery. I did that like 50 times each, but the message kept appearing. I removed the lens and saw that the mirror was in a different position and the shutter was closed. I tried looking through the view-finder, but it was dark 'cos the shutter was closed *Sigh*. I felt terrible! Worse than terrible infact!

Finally *3 hrs later*, i went to google, and that was where i found out that it was a mechanical problem with the shutter or the mirror. I didn't know who to trust to fix it for me, and i wasn't about to give my camera to anyone. When i saw the cost at which other people fixed their cameras when they had issues *$300-$700*, i just started crying *thank God my kids weren't there....looool!*. While the hot tears were falling, i tried to turn it on one last time and miraculously, it came on without the error message! The shutter opened and the mirror flipped back into its position. The hot tears turned to tears of joy *Looooool!*. I don't know what caused the error message or the shutter malfunction, all i know is that i was busy taking pictures happily and it beeped.

I don't care what you think, but i believe God fixed it for me 'Cos i asked Him to! And i pray it doesn't happen again.

Alright, let's view pictures.....

From this point, we just started changing necklaces. It wasn't part of the plan though, but Onyi was like "The white gele goes with almost every neckpiece in this studio", and i was like "Alrighty then!"

Onyi's favorite piece. Y'all haven't met her yet thou.......pretty soon.

And then, at this point my camera went gaga on me *wipes brow*.

I'm so glad it's fine now. I thank God for fixing it for me. Have a good night dears!


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  1. lovely makeover!!Your neck pieces are really beautiful.

  2. Beautiful is the word!!!
    I also had my share of what happened to you but in my case,it was MTN that caused the hot tears..lolsssssss

  3. Nice one.... her smile is everything

    And d black neck piece.. amazeballs

    1. Thank you dear. It's actually purple...a beautiful deep purple shade.

  4. Hmmm, that was thought provoking, "so God has mechanics in heaven that fixes bad devices" lol.
    And Onyi cant be ugly after this treatment. She's b.e.a.utiful and nice makeup! My future WIFE may visit your studio oh.

  5. God fixes everything. It has happened to me several times sometimes with my car. I just say "Holy Spirit pls fix this for me or send help" and viola! Help comes or He fixes it

  6. Your student photographed well. She pretty.
    Sorry about the Camera, that's so me, the things that make me cry are far fetched, any stress at all see me crying and muttering to God, asking him why he's being unfair to me. Lol


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